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The Food Invasion-Deciphered!

India has had invasions for several centuries, and with each invasion certain cultures and traditions have been entrusted upon us. Each invasion brought its own languages, arts, religions and of course food! The foods from foreign lands have now become a part of our food palette and it is impossible to imagine biryani not being Indian. Indian foods have always been considered too spicy and unhealthy and it was the

Dealing with Food Inflation

What is Inflation? Inflation is an economical scenario when there is a sustained increase in prices of goods and services over a period of time. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services. Consequently, inflation reflects a reduction in the purchasing power per unit of money and it might vary geographically and sometimes with respect to time. Inflation is generally thought to be a negative

Food Addiction-A real problem

As a kid, most of us were asked to eat a lot. Growing up in an Indian family, if the child skipped a meal it was a sin and the mom would never forgive herself for letting her child skip a meal. We were forced to eat and sometimes just because some of us didn’t like normal food our parents introduced us to the world of junk foods! Pizzas, Burgers

The Mr’s and Mrs’s of Food!

Every hero needs a heroine. Similarly, certain foods taste better when they are served with their other half. There are times when their names itself are synonymous with one another. Every time you order certain foods, you will know they will be served with the other. Some times when they are served alone it doesn’t feel right. Some foods taste incomplete without their mate. They are so desperately in need

Madras Filter Kaapi!

The coolest hangout for today’s generation is to sip on a coffee in a costly coffee shop. Every street corner has a coffee shop these days, where they serve the regular cappuccinos and hundreds of other varieties of coffee. It is a relatively new trend in India, but people of Chennai and their neighbors are accustomed to this more than anyone else. New age coffee shops, with their swanky couches

Food of Gods

Waking up to the smell of ghee and sweets! The heavenly aroma of sweet pongal or “paal guava” the milk based sweet which never fails to satisfy your taste buds and the hot vada’s and payasam the typical festival food in any South Indian home. The Gods are served with different types of foods and over the years, festivals are being identified by the food which is served. It is


As the FIFA fever is gripping the world with its flair and fast paced games, it makes us wonder where these players get their stamina from! Most of these players are from European and North American countries where the climate is entirely different from those witnessed in the Samba land. The temperature in Paris at this time of the year would be between 10-15°c which is much lower than the

How Food Affects your mood

It’s a known fact that fast foods are harmful to your health. It has been well documented and has been explained a lot. But you might be surprised to know that eating the wrong food might affect your mood severely. Recent researches have shown that the food you eat adversely affects your mood and it is necessary to eat foods which have certain nutrients which are called “happy nutrients” to

The Dairy Industry-Not so White!

The Indian Dairy Industry is the fastest growing milk and milk product industry in the world. India is the leading producer of dairy products in the world. India with 134mn cows and 125mn buffaloes has the largest population of cattle in the world. More than fifty percent of the buffaloes and twenty percent of the cattle in the world are found in India. Dairy products are a major source of

Colors of Food

Everyday Importance of Colors   Most people have a preferred color when it comes to making choices. It varies from person to person and some people have a lucky color which they never let go off. I had a friend who swears by red and everything from his car to his room paint to his shirt is red or shades of red. For some people color is a matter of