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The Business of Food

Every business has a set of people who it targets, in some cases a particular group of society. They fight competition to satisfy their target customers and attract them with different marketing strategies. Every business might have a particular saturation point beyond which it is tough to expand or experiment. But, if there is one business which doesn’t have any such restrictions it is “The Business of Food”. The food

The X-Men and their Origins

The Title might be a little misleading. No we are not talking about the popular movie series X-Men but about the most important “men” read “food” for a typical Indian. Food is part of our identity. They say “We are recognized by the food we eat”. There are certain kinds of food which originated from our land and have been an important part of Indian lives. These staple foods are

The World’s Food Festivals

Travelling is a stress-buster for many people. They cherish going to new places, meeting new people, knowing new cultures, listening to new languages and their nuances, and of course trying new and exotic cuisines. Eating while travelling is a high for most foodies but the chance to travel to eat is as irresistible as it can get. Food Festival is one such alluring event where we travel to an entirely

The Flavor of Marina

  The Marina beach in Chennai is one of the prime tourist destinations for anyone who visits Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The beach boasts of a coastline which can rival any of the top beaches and is often called as the “World’s second longest beach”. The place is famous for its stone statues and people who visit Chennai never miss going to this beach. But for the

One True Love

Dedicated to my true love, For a long time we’ve been made to believe that the greatest romance is been between that of a man and a woman and we believed it was true because it all seemed legit. But is it really true? Last week I was walking back home from a hard day where I had to stay back and work on my lab classes which was pending