Partying hard is something that comes naturally to youngsters these days. It is the new trend that is gaining momentum all over the world. But it comes with its own bag of after-effects. And the worst of them all is a hangover and due to this, after an awesome evening of indulgence, it is hard to keep that awesome feeling going in the morning.

Hangover is the experience of various physiological and psychological effects following consumption of alcoholic beverages, and is characterized by severe discomfort, that may last more than 24 hours. It is caused due to accumulation of alcohol inside the body and occurs when intoxicating effect of alcohol begins to wear off the next morning. The symptoms include headache, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, stomach problems, sweating , dry mouth etc.




When you wake up the next morning after partying, your main aim is to cure the piercing headache and the lingering hangover. Normally, you just pop in a powerful painkiller or some other medicine to curb the headache, without knowing the side effects. And the condition becomes worse, when you are a regular party- goer because you can’t just pop in those tablets day after day. This is where natural remedies have a role to play.

There are some easy food items in your kitchen which help to cure that hangover without any worries about side-effects. They even detoxify your body by removing toxins from your liver, and thus reduce the effect of those hard drinks. So using these simple home remedies for curing the hangover is very beneficial for you as they don’t harm your body.



 Water :

Drinking water is one of the best cures for a hangover,as it rehydrates the body which is dehydrated by the alcohol. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to treat that hangover.




Being mostly water, tea is a great agent for rehydration. Green tea is a great source for detoxification of body as it is packed with anti-oxidants. Also, ginger tea can be used to cure a hangover because ginger has long been used to treat nausea and stomach sickness, which are one of the symptoms of a hangover. By combining 10-12 freshly cut ginger root pieces with 4 cups of water, this ale can be quite effective for curing a hangover.

Apart from this, milk thistle tea can also be taken as it cleanses the liver of the harmful toxins in alcohol. To make milk thistle tea, add a tablespoon of milk thistle seeds to a cup of hot water and have it.



coconut wtr


Coconut water :

coconut water contains potassium which will help you feel better in no time if you are suffering from a hangover. It also hydrates your body much more effectively than simple water.





Tomato juice is a great cure for hangover as long as it is not Bloody Mary induced, as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and replenishes the lost nutrients in the body. Orange juice is also a great way to cure a hangover as it raises your blood sugar levels and helps to lose some of the symptoms. But, you should skip acidic juices (like orange juice) if your stomach is upset and have apple juice instead.




Honey and lemons:

Have a classic hot drink of honey and lemon mixed with water, as it replenishes fluids and sugar lost to hangover. Lemon replenishes the vitamins you need and honey has fructose which competes with alcohol metabolism, which in turn helps to expel alcohol from the body. For curing a hangover, boil 1 cup water and mix honey and lemon juice and have it several times a day.






When you are drunk, lots of potassium is lost from the body and eating a banana will surely give you a giddy-up and go, as it is loaded with potassium.


potato n milk


Potatoes with milk :

Eating potatoes is another way of replenishing the body’s potassium levels, and if taken along with milk, there is a great boost to your calcium levels as well. Thus, this is a perfect combo to reduce the hangover.


Apart from this, you should have foods which are light and easy to digest, like rice, soup or toast. Eating something solid will help to cure the headache and stomach problems. If you have a very bad headache, you can also compress your forehead with an ice pack, or just rinse a washcloth under cold water and put it on your forehead for some time, to get significant relief.



So if you take these natural things to treat your hangover, then it will be easier for your body to endure those cocktails and hard drinks. Keeping all things apart, most of all, you should follow the mantra of “prevention is better than cure” in your life. Excessive drinking may be curable at first, but it can cause long term effects if consumed like an everyday affair. So controlled drinking is advisable for all-the-time-hangover-stricken people in the first place, blended with these simple and fruitful home remedies, which nullify the extremely harmful effects of alcohol on your body by its cleansing and detoxification.