World consists of human divided by infinitesimal differences by region, religion, nation, race, caste, color, creed and what not. Things like globalization would be impossible to think of if we would not have been able to find the common binding factor among the differences. India here very well stands for its world known diversity which had stood as one against the tests of time. Apart of being multicultural from the very roots of it, Indians tend to employ these differences to propagate brotherhood among them. Sharing of cultural elements like native food, religious practices, festivals and language has only helped us to bind together.  Thinking of food, how many of us really look for what’s in the platter is more than just a meal?

Every culture has their own essence and it can very well be witnessed by their local cuisine. As the saying by Adelle davis goes “We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” holds true when we think of food more than mere nutrition provider. Nowadays food has become an art, there are nutritionists and health inspectors their careers based on the quality of food served to masses.  People like Tarla Dalal and Sanjeev Kapoor are superheroes of kitchens in India as they redefined the culinary art altogether and who can miss Masterchef series? They all prove that food is a serious deal and as fine and detailed the fine arts are, same is for the food or culinary arts.

Beauty of food is celebrated in every cuisine around the world like Chinese and Indian food are tangy and spicy where Italian cuisine is comparatively less zesty and prefer involving more of herbs. If we come to think of it, whenever we go to a new place and one of the first things that we look for is food available there. It makes a whole lot of impact on how we perceive that place for the rest of the time. I think that most would agree to the fact that we tend to look for our native flavors in the new region, so goes with the food. How much ever we buy pizzas and subs it won’t suffice the appetite of an Indian living overseas finding tikkas and kebabs.

Food does so much more than calming the hunger; it crosses boundaries of region and religion. In India especially during festivals which occur more than Sundays in the whole year, we have a pre-planned menu set for each one. The cooking of all the sweets gives the real pleasure of an occasion for the mothers in the household and children’s by making sure to consume every bit of them. The sharing of sweets signifies sharing part of happiness that had come with the festivals.

Festival sweets

For a culture rich country like ours, food holds more meaning and there are regulations and provisions regarding cuisines in any religion, state e.t.c. Like in a Brahmin household usage of onion and garlic is avoided and in Christianity communion involves having bread and wine (or other substitutes) to represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. When a dietary practice is preserved by religious dogma it is given additional force, and if observed it tends to promote a balanced diet! It may be one of the reasons behind many of our grandma’s and grandpa’s resistance against diseases and allergies.

Food has many nutrients and a person should contain just the right amount for their age in their meals. Leafy vegetables as we all are very familiar of carries infinite benefits like building up one’s resistance to diseases, helping in one’s “weight management program” more like dieting? They are also known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Like in all seriousness, vegetables no matter how much we despised them as kids do have a hand over pizzas!

Talking about pizzas, who doesn’t like having a large size ordered along with coke on a Friday? The fact that we had become conscious about our fast food intake is because of the general awareness regarding cholesterol related diseases like obesity, hypertension e.t.c.

Fat gained by fast foods

Fast foods are source of saturated fats also known as “Bad fats” and are often linked with diseases like cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases as well as stroke. Nowadays many healthy choices regarding even the basic in groceries like flour and edible oils are available in the market. Once in a month or few weeks surrendering to the craving for fast foods is okay I guess, but the fact doesn’t change that dieting and refraining from them is the solution for the above problems. Yes! Exercise! Obesity is another much discussed disorder caused by the negligence of the individual’s choice of meals, caution should be taken where something can appeal to the taste buds doesn’t necessarily goes well with the rest of body. Moreover the skipping of meals in order to “diet” is a pointless thought as we can see an obvious difference visible between men who had his meals and who didn’t, the stark lethargy and dreariness is hard to miss. In the other words, skipping meals over a period of time without regarding with a nutritionist would only make you look like a zombie strolling in workplace out of the series “Walking Dead”!