Food is essential. Everything what we do happens because of nutrients we give to our body. People take it for granted but our body need nutrients. Food is a fuel for our body to move it, to think and to give energy to our muscles. The minerals and vitamins are there so that our bodies can function. Protein has developed an image of containing calories. Food is not only for sustaining health but to feel better. And the only way to keep our body healthy by eating a wide variety of healthy foods.

Eating a healthy diet will go a long way to make sure that you have all the nutrients to make your body fit. Our body utilizes everything we put into it, and what we give is determined by how it is used- for bad health or good.



Fruit is a carbohydrate rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. The fiber in the fruits can be a big help when it comes to weight loss. Fresh fruits are rich in water content and tend to be low in calories. The water content and high fiber helps you in a minimal calorie cost and makes fruit a smart addition to any weight-loss plan. Fruit is beneficial for the people who are fighting with cardiovascular disease because diet rich in vegetables and fruits makes us strong to fight with heart diseases. Vitamin A helps against macular degeneration. Vitamin B helps in improving memory, and gives healthy hair. Vitamin C enhances your natural beauty. So you need to watch your calories, and should add fruits a part of your daily routine.

Whole Grains contains three layer of seeds nutrient dense germ, fiber rich bran and the starchy endosperm. Regular consumption of whole grains reduces risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. It also helps in weight loss and maintenance. Whole grains also contain vitamin B which gives fuel to our body and promote heart health. The vitamin E in whole grains helps in boosting eye health, reduces risk of cataracts and slows the progress of vision loss.


Skin is a vital part of our body. Without skin we are just bones and blood. A part of your body’s makeup comes from what you put in it. There are many tasty food that can give you great skin and including them in your daily routine is essential. Healthy skin makes you look younger and fresher. Glossy hair and glowing skin can be yours in days, all you have to do is eatthe foods your body needs to look its best. Also there are certain foods to give your skin a natural beauty. Fatty acids have effects on skin and hair condition. But the body can’t make essential fatty acids, so they are provided to our body by food. Oily fish, Salmon are good sources of fatty acids. You must include soya beans, prawns, and eggs in your diet to make your skin as well as hair healthy.
When you cook food, it loses its vital nutrients. When you eat cooked food, you don’t get nutrients which your body needs for its functioning and it is shown in your skin. Your skin cells also require nourishment to look fresh and natural.


The brain is the platform for our mental health and therefore for our mind. The brain is made up of water, fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Most of the brain is derives from food. Essential fatty acid performs a vital function in brain. It helps in the structuring of brain cells, and ensures that smooth communication is possible within the brain. It is called “essential” because it is not made inside our body so we need to intake food rich in fatty acid.

Secondly there are some foods which affect our brain slowly over a period of weeks. It includes carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice, lecithin containing products such as eggs and cakes. Their purpose is to bias the function of a transmitter system by enhancing the functioning of brain. In terms of second system, insulin helps in uptake of glucose through neurons, as well as in maintain their function. Diets that are higher in fats promotes insulin resistance which reduces the ability of body to utilize insulin and increases the risk of dementia.


Several studies have shown that food might be used to treat such common problems as depression, hyperactivity, and insomnia etc. Specific foods and nutrients can produce changes in chemical balance of our brain. Also the way people feel is affected by what they eat. For example, we give candy to soothe a crying child and hot milk to induce sleep. Consumption of certain nutrients can change the levels of brain chemicals that transmit messages between nerve cells. Research shows that people with vitamin B1, vitamin B12 deficiencies are at the risk of depression.

It is therefore essential to eat more whole foods and pay specific attention to fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Introduce a few changes in your diet and feel the difference.