SAMBA It’s one of the hottest, sexiest and the most amazing carnival on the face of this earth! And not just this, but the Carnival is something that gives one chance to witness the true culture of Brazil. It is a euphoric extravaganza, where people from all walks of life come together and have tons of fun. A lot of people consider the Carnival in Brazil as one the biggest festive celebrations. It has got wild parties, colours, vibrance, costumes and everything you can relate to the idea of ‘festivity’! It’s celebrated in Brazil every year before Easter. The word Carnival holds its roots in the word ‘carnelevare’ which literally means ‘removal of meat’. Traditionally, the festival is believed to be celebrated before those particular days when the Roman Catholics abstained from consuming alcohol or meat. This was done to drive away bad things from their life. The carnival originated in the Era dominated by the Europeans. The carnival was the day when people indulged in alcohol, sex, dancing and all the fun just before the beginning of Lent. That was the time when people exchanged clothes (and sometimes even slaves)! PARADE Carnivals are a thing across the globe. But the Brazilian Carnival tops the list when it comes to the popularity of carnivals. It’s a weeklong festival where people revel in dances and enjoy a lot! Almost all the Brazilian cities host a carnival before Lent, but the one we know of (and of course, the pictures that we usually get to see) are of the Carnival at the capital city of Brazil, Rio! Samba has been the traditional dance of Brazil and people wear beautiful costumes and masks and do the samba to the beats of drums. Now the pictures that you see of the festival are of the famous parade that happens during which gorgeous (and very sexy) samba dancers standing on a vehicle move across the stadium as more and more people join in the parade. rio-carnival--danc_2841261k Generally, shops are shut during the time of the Carnival and people come out to rejuvenate themselves. Many Samba schools who are also involved in various community services form the organising team of the Carnival. You don’t know how to dance? It is totally okay. A lot of people with two left feet come to enjoy this carnival and try their hand (ummm actually feet) at dancing!   Here are some really interesting facts about the amazing Rio Carnival:

  1. It’s held 40 day before Ester and is super-wild four day extravaganza.
  2. It ends on a day called ‘Fat Tuesday’, which comes before ‘Ash Wednesday’, that is the start of Lent.SPIDER
  3. The festival is celebrated in the month of February which is the hottest month of the year. We see the city’s temperature rising during this time, literally and metaphorically too!
  4. The Greeks and Romans celebrated the arrival of spring with a grand party. The festival’s history can be traced back to the age old tradition of the Greeks and Romans.
  5. The traditions were carried to the New World in the 1700s by the
  6. A festival called “Entrudo” is when people throw water, lime and food at each other.
  7. The Carnival as we know it today has evolved with time. Huge street parades with people revelling and dancing are the best part of the Carnival.
  8. A lot of bands and orchestras entertain the people with Samba music.
  9. The Samba Parade is the most awaited and the most interesting part of the Carnival. It is actually a competition between the odd 200 Samba schools of 1
  10. Sambodromo is the stadium where the Carnival is celebrated. The audience witness an enthralling competition between Rio’s Samba schools and they are judged based on their elaborate costumes, dances and music.
  11. £3 million and more are spent on the outfits and preparations of the Carnival.
  12. The dance schools are formed from a majority of people from the city’s slums.br3
  13. Around two million people attend the festival each year.
  14. The mayor of Rio inaugurates the festival each year where he hands over a huge gold and silver key to the Fat King, Rei Momo.
  15. The festivities begin much before the actual Carnival starts. Actually, Rio is a result of months of preparation and hard work.
  16. Small local parades that are called ‘blocos’ happen across the city and attract thousands of people.
  17. A ‘Pee Patrol’ is appointed to catch hold of the people who urinate on the streets. The funny thing is that this happens even after 17,000 portable toilets are installed around the city.
  18. 25,000 jobs are created because of the carnival and around £420 million of revenue is generated by the hotels and bars.
  19. Celebrations of the Carnival are held in Sao Paulo, Olinda, Manaus and Porto.footy
  20. Each year, this greatest and the most magnificent Carnival on Earth attracts celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and PSY.