Late for work and absolutely no time to waste, hurry to get ready and leave barely stopping for a cup of tea. This happens to almost all of us. In our busy lives we all often miss once of the most important things in hurry, that is our breakfast. The importance of breakfast of gravely undermined. It is often said one must eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast is the first meal of  the day. Between dinner and the breakfast of next day there a huge gap and after such a lengthy fast it is imperative to have a hearty breakfast. Nutritionists believe that breakfast must be consumed within two to three hours of waking up. Breakfast should fulfill roughly twenty to thirty five percent of your guideline daily allowance. A guideline daily allowance is the amount of daily calories, saturated fats, fats and salt allowed for a person. This amount changes from person to person however it is known fact that the allowance for men is higher than women and children. On an average the G.D.A for children is 1500 and 2000, for women it is 1800 to 2200 and for men it is 2200 to 2700 calories. This is obviously just an average and depending on height weight age it can differ. A healthy Breakfast has many advantages such as

healthy breakfast

  • Breakfast provides the necessary nutrients to start off your day on  bright note
  • It helps improve your concentration
  • Studies show that a good breakfast helps in maintaining a good body weight.
  • People skipping breakfast often miss out on vital vitamins and minerals that they would’ve got from a simple meal
  • You often feel hungry much before lunch if you have missed breakfast and then tend to eat foods high in sugar content which help gain weight
  • It provides energy to keep  you going through through out the day
  • Breakfast can help prevent heart diseases, it also reduces chances of obesity which is a great issue today.
  • A good breakfast can reduces chances of diabetes by twenty five to thirty percent.
  • It improves your memory, people who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to perform poorly on memory tests
  •  If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast your body tends to look for high calorie high in fat because fat is easier to break and digest than other foods

And thus we see how vital a healthy breakfast is however, not just any food is okay, a breakfast must be healthy and nutritious. A  good breakfast must include a balanced amount of  proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and also fats, yes good fats are important to be included in the meal. To have a correct meal we should divide our breakfast into three parts that are

  1. Protein based portion, this part of the meal should be rich in protein as protein helps build and repair tissues and makes enzymes hormones and also muscles.
  2. Starchy Carbohydrate foods which are important as carbohydrates improve healthy brain and nervous system
  3. Fruits and vegetables, this is very important and as they prevent diseases and improve immune system.

Studies show that whole grain cereals make a good breakfast as they have several nutrients and fulfill the fiber requirement as well, adding a few cut fruits to the cereal helps make it a complete wonderful meal. A few healthy breakfast ideas are

  • Fruit and cheese , this easy breakfast is both healthy and tasty, just toss and apple some cheddar and fiber filled wall nuts in a bowl aand enjoy
  • Peanut butter waffles, who doesn’t love waffles and peanut better just adds to the charm and boosts both the protein and fiber content
  • Plain doughnut with chocolate milk, plain doughnut has only 280 calories and is a better choice than any other bakery good and by replacing coffee with chocolate milk we are ensuring good health
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies, which are not only healthy but absolutely delicious
  • Morning pizza, don’t be fooled by the name this delicious meal, too make it all you need is to take a slice of crusty bread spread a few table spoons of ricotta, low fat for all the weight conscious, and add a few sun dried tomatoes topped with some olive oil
  • Egg and toast, whether scrambled or fried eggs are always a good choice to start out your mornings.
  • Mini quiches, which have both egg and milk which are a good source of protein and a good dose of vegetables which provide necessary fiber and other nutrients.

Breakfast on a whole improves physiological behavior, it facilitates metabolism to burn fat more effectively and provides glucose. For children especially a good breakfast before school is important as it helps them concentrate and do better. Studies show that people who eat breakfast in the morning are ten times less likely to fall ill. Now after seeing the immense amount of benefits and easy to make meals there is absolutely no longer any excuse to miss breakfast.  By just merely maintaining  the good habit of regular breakfast we can pave way for a healthier tomorrow.