You must have been often recommended by your doctors or elder to eat those food items which offer essential nutrients and minerals required by the human body as it helps in proper growth and development. And in order to follow those advices you often go for those food items which have healthy tag on them. You choose food items which are processed or chose oils which have the healthy tag on them. This is one of the marketing strategies of the companies manufacturing these food items so that they can attract innocent people towards their products and make some easy money. You as a health couscous personally believe that those food items are actually good for your health. But the reality is somewhat very much different from what is presented in front of you. There are several food items which you believe are healthy for your body, but generally they harm your body. We are hereby mentioning some of those food items which are not at all good for you and their side effects can eventually clog the arteries present inside your body. You should immediately stop eating these food items so that live longer and stay protected.


Healthy Breakfast Cereals: Currently there are endless brands in the market which offers the breakfast cereals. The way they are presented in front of us is quite surprising. If you are not aware of the consequences of these cereals, then you may easily get into its trap. A normal person who does not know about it believes that these cereals are extremely beneficial and provides the essential minerals required by the body. In reality, these breakfast cereals are one of the highly processed food items which have a very large amount of refined grains. Further the amount of the sugar present in them is also high. The manufacturers attract people by mentioning the “whole grain” tag. But what really happens is that these whole grains are first pulverized to form the fine flour, which has the similar effects on your blood sugar level as a refined food does. It also affects the metabolism processes inside the human body. These manufacturers add several other ingredients so that the actual quantity of the sugar added to these breakfast cereals can be kept a secret. What is more surprising is the fact that these breakfast cereals are marketed as a healthy food for the children. Parents believe that these food items will help their child with proper growth and their child will be protected against the diseases.


Low Fat Dairy Products: Now again low fat dairy products are the ones which are in so much demand now a day. Since the dairy products have a rich amount of saturated fats in them, people go for lower fat dairy products, considering them best for their health. The problem is here is that it is not the saturated fats which creates a problem in your heart. The actual problem maker is the low fat food products. If you are among such people who opt for the high fat dairy products then there are more chances that you will not be affected by obesity and the heart diseases are also avoided. You are also protected against the diabetes. The dairy products are beneficial to the human body only because of the presence of the fatty components in them. If you remove these fatty components, then they are of no use. Further, in low fat dairy products there are high amounts of added sugar, which not only affect the metabolism, but also increases the risk of abdominal obesity and heart disease. Moreover the LDL cholesterol level in the body is also disturbed and affected.


Heart Healthy Whole Wheat: Go to a grocery store and you will find several different brands offering the heart healthy whole wheat. This modern version of the wheat is not healthy and they have been actually created by the scientists by altering the genes of the plants so that a new breed can be generated which can offer much more yield. The main motto of this step was to increase the yield so that the starvation can be reduced in different parts of the world. But now this is done for economic gains. So much tampering with the genes of the wheat plant is actually making them less healthy and so there are unforeseen consequences which we didn’t want in the first place. This wheat is called as the semi-dwarf wheat and is significantly low in nutrition level when compared to the older varieties. The recent studies have shown that this semi-dwarf wheat can increase the level of the cholesterol inside the human body and also increases the inflammatory markers. The acute inflammation is the major reason for the heart diseases. The LDL particle count is also high and they also have gluten in them. All these constituents are very much harmful for your heart and you can end up losing your precious life. It’s time you stop using all these mentioned food items and protect yourself so that you can live happily.