Save The Food : Preservation At Home

Do you have those days in your life when you want to eat mangoes in winters? Or do you want to figure out a way of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round? Well, preservation is the answer, a term that is often considered as infamous, because of its chemical ways that probably deprive the food of its nutritional value. But there are a number of natural and DIY

Unveiling The World Of Food Fraud

Everybody knows that homemade food is best for our health. But if we step out of this illusion, then, we will find that even homemade food can be potentially harmful to us. This is not because of the cooking, it is because of the ingredients used in cooking. Those ingredients, even if are present as less as 1 tablespoon in our food, can turn the food into a poison. Adulteration

Probiotics : Teaming Up With Good Microbes

When Homo sapiens came into existence, the food they had, only came from plants. Gradually, people started eating animals. And today, we eat almost everything that is not harmful to us. That includes even the teeny- tiny micro-organisms, that are not even visible to us unless and until we have a good 40X microscope. When we think of these microbes, the first picture that comes to our mind is that

Coffee or tea which is better?

In order to set off good start for the day, everybody wishes to drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. Ofcource the choice of the drink varies between different households and individuals. Most of the adult men and women feel that it is tea which actually energizes their body and makes them ready to carry out the work planned for the day while the younger generation prefers coffee.

Unparalleled Taste of the Awadhi Cuisine

The sumptuous meal that the city of Awadh has to offer is nothing short of magical. The royalty and the grandeur of it will leave you mesmerized. It will leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds. You’ll always want some more of it. You will get the Nawabi feel in every bite you take. Such is the magnificence of the Awadhi cuisine. The city is notably famous for the

The Business of Food

Every business has a set of people who it targets, in some cases a particular group of society. They fight competition to satisfy their target customers and attract them with different marketing strategies. Every business might have a particular saturation point beyond which it is tough to expand or experiment. But, if there is one business which doesn’t have any such restrictions it is “The Business of Food”. The food

Doctor At Home – Kitchen To The Rescue

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be in a doctor’s family. So what? Each one of you can be a doctor at your home. Well, the kind of doctor I am talking about doesn’t need a medical degree, he/she just needs a kitchen with some of the regular stuff a typical kitchen should have. And having kitchen in your house, is not that big a deal (for those who don’t

The X-Men and their Origins

The Title might be a little misleading. No we are not talking about the popular movie series X-Men but about the most important “men” read “food” for a typical Indian. Food is part of our identity. They say “We are recognized by the food we eat”. There are certain kinds of food which originated from our land and have been an important part of Indian lives. These staple foods are

Cuisine of the Kings: Mughlai Food

Mughlai food refers to the food which was prepared in the kitchen of the royals of the Mughal Empire. The cuisine is influenced by the Persian cuisine and in turn has affected the cooking styles all over India but especially seen clearly in regions like Punjab and Kashmir. Mughlai food belongs to the South Asian cuisine, where we find extreme variation in the taste and flavor from extreme spicy to

Let’s Taste Assam

There is one thing that strikes me every single time I come home to Assam: Assamese food, though little-known to people outside the valley, is more unique and distinct than given credit for. Assamese cuisine is a confluence of cooking habits of the hill folk that privilege fermentation and drying as forms of food preservation,and those from the plains that include the use of fresh vegetables and fish, found abundantly in its