Healthy Drinks for Party-Lovers !!!

I am talking sense when I put party and health together. Yes we can have healthy menu for a party without compromising the taste. Its no robot science to achieve that . Simply having healthy food prepared in a tasty way can make you feel detoxified even when you are partying full on. Grabbing a few healthy ingredients blending it with complimenting substitutes can easily make your party fun and healthy . It would

Heart-filled Bengali Recipes!!!

You keep whole India on one side and Bengalis on other side when it comes to eating and love for food. I have mentioned in my very first article that Bengalis just crave for food at every second of the day. Being a Bengali boumaa I know the responsibility on my shoulders and that’s why I would cut the drama out and straight away take you to the soulful cooking heaven ….ABengaliskitchen. You

Goodness of a Salad

  Salads the natural way of having nutrients with raw flavours. Salads can be simple easily from easily available veggies , nuts , pulses , cereals , fruits etc.Packed full of goodness, salads bring flavour to your diet plan each day. Eating salads is an easy way to eat your daily serving of vegetables and it is not so difficult. You can prepare a salad and take it to work

The Great Indian Breads !

Indians are known for their eating habits and their love for food . In India there is a wide range of cuisines and varieties with every 100 km you stretch . We live to eat that’s proven and we are the most natural host when comes to throw a party . If you sit and think Why I am claiming that Indians are such big foodies and party lovers , you just

My Birthday Party Recipes !!!

I will soon turn a year older an something clicked in my mind. Am I going to throw a party ??? The answer is still uncertain but one thing is for sure I will cook for me and will treat my tummy with dishes Like. It’s a nice nice idea, isn’t it ? If I play rewind record of my earlier childhood or teen-hood birthdays food was never my priority , it was

Various New Year Day Celebrations in Different Regions of India

Christians celebrate January 1st as New Year.India celebrates New Year by both solar and lunar calendar system.Most of these New Year festivals are celebrated based on Hindu calendar that follow by the movement of the moon.In India, different places celebrate New Year in different times of the year.As India is having multiple cultures, celebration of New Year may also vary distinctly.Most of the states in India celebrate this festival at the time

Culture of Shimla- writing

Shimla,located  on the lofty ranges of the Himalayas with about 7,500 ft above the sea level,is one of the most popular tourist destination throughout the world.It is a place free of commercialization and globalization and is famous for its lifestyle,arts,crafts,food,fairs,dance and music. Shimla is quite different from other states with its own charm and portrays a harmony between traditional values and modern thoughts. Shimla is considered as one of the

Every Day Smoothies !!!

Weight Gain is a fear every girl goes through . Yes I am part of that herd who is checking out her inches and freaks out when she doesn’t fit in her two months old jeans. Yes ! I am that normal silly , messed up screwed up , average looking , part of the crowd girl who wants to make a mark of herself which makes her stand out

Old is Gold!

Antiquities or antiques are ancient collectable items that are valued for their historical importance. The age, beauty, utility, cultural importance, sentimental connection or any other unique feature attached to an item makes it desirable. Any antique is a reflection of the socio-cultural standing of a previous era or a time period in the human civilization. Most collectables of this class possess a certain degree of design or craftsmanship. Some of

Chicken with Seasoning !!!

A non-veg platter is incomplete without a chicken. If I am asked I prefer white meat more than the red one. The best part of cooking a chicken dish is that its tasteless(Not literally) so its a boon for someone who wants to experiment with different flavours and try various combinations . If you are a true foodie you will agree with me because you have tasted chicken in many flavours so far