Staying young forever – What to eat?

Who wants to get old? The answer is no one. Although in reality aging is unavoidable. But we can certainly lower down the rate of ageing. With age our body performs less efficiently and we become vulnerable to age associated ailments. But aging with elegance is in our hands. The manner in which we lead our lives control our aging.  The damaging results of aging can be reduced by the

The Tamarind LOVE!

Creeping back to the yonder days, when sneaking into the corner grocery store to buy a packet of Hajmola with the newly earned 1rupee coin, for having done the job of fetching the milk packets and the newspaper from the main gate, was an achievement, I realize how inclined my determination was to get only the ‘Imli’ flavoured Hajmola packet out of the huge jar, usually crowed with all the

Why are juices turning out to be unhealthy?

We all know that fresh fruits are very useful for our body and they provide us with various health benefits. We can ingest more fruits at a time by drinking fruit juice. Consumption of juices of various fruits as well as vegetables is very prevalent now days.  We normally think that drinking juice is quite advantageous. But there are certain demerits associated with the juicing as well. Lack of fiber:

Miraculous ALOE VERA!

Yes, Aloe Vera! That green spiky edged, gel filled plant, almost every garden of every household have is incredibly awesome. This wonder plant is put to plethora of practical uses and its application is worldwide. Like Cleopatra, who applied the middle gel to her body as part of her beauty regimen, this plant and its juice is incredible natural remedy having internal and external applications. Aloe vera is a plant

The Mr’s and Mrs’s of Food!

Every hero needs a heroine. Similarly, certain foods taste better when they are served with their other half. There are times when their names itself are synonymous with one another. Every time you order certain foods, you will know they will be served with the other. Some times when they are served alone it doesn’t feel right. Some foods taste incomplete without their mate. They are so desperately in need

Foodie Dare- World’s most grotesque ‘delicacies’!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland An inspiration from this was taken by me and my friend, to exercise a daily routine of thinking out six impossible things to eat for breakfast and we both propounded the most disgusting, bizarre and seriously impossible things one could ever gulp in, forget about eating them for a meal. However, the

Madras Filter Kaapi!

The coolest hangout for today’s generation is to sip on a coffee in a costly coffee shop. Every street corner has a coffee shop these days, where they serve the regular cappuccinos and hundreds of other varieties of coffee. It is a relatively new trend in India, but people of Chennai and their neighbors are accustomed to this more than anyone else. New age coffee shops, with their swanky couches

Shake It Up!

Are you tired of having the same old glass of milk every morning? So gives mangoes and bananas a break. And explore different fruits, chocolates and ice-creams to zing up your shake. They will not only keep you refreshed in this hot season, but the addition of other flavorful ingredients will provide you with extra nutrition. Gone are the days of vitamin pills, tasty shakes have “ totally shaken up”

Keep lovin’ COCONUT !

I, myself really love Coconut. The white fruit, rich in fiber and so many nutrients is just perfect for any dish or eaten raw or the coconut water which is deliciously awesome. The round coconut with so many hairs on its hard shell has many health benefits and also its subsidiaries, produced from coconut, constitute the wonder food too. This tropical food is very popular all over the world and

The sour, little fruit called Lemon

The yellowish green, lovely little fruit called lemon is very sour in taste but inevitably healthy and powerhouse of Vitamin C. Though it seems little but it gives great benefits. It can be added in everything, you know and is such an awesome refreshment. Lemons are favorite of everyone and are an essential food in every kitchen. They are acidic, sour and versatile foods. They have got so many uses