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The Madras you don’t see

Imagine. There’s a bitter war going on in North India. People belonging to different categories are fighting each other, there’s fist fighting, the local –made guns are drawn, abuses on everybody’s mouth. Visualize any Anurag Kashyap movie; that intense. Then suddenly, somebody in the far distance loudly shouts MADRAS!! And everybody, regardless of their caste, creed, religion drown out every single thought in their minds and replace it with just

A Platter of Vegetarian Kebabs

Originating in the coastal countries of the eastern Mediterranean area, kebab is a versatile dish made by roasting and grilling pieces of meat, fish, and vegetables, over a skewer or a spit. The dish quickly spread in popularity and consumption throughout the nations of the Middle East, and then central Asia. The kebab traces its historic roots to before the 17th century B.C., and even the ancient Greek poet Homer

The Six Things You should Eat when Visiting Agra

Agra, known all over the world as the hometown of the beautiful Taj Mahal, also has a rich and varied range of cuisines to its credits. Serving as the haven of many communities, Agra is home to Muslims, Marwaris, Jains, Baniyas, and many more, which has culminated into the city being a one stop destination for all kinds of food, delighting the non-vegetarian and vegetarian alike, with all kinds of

Check out at the check in!!

It’s a place where people usually hang-out with their friends and family. Next to beaches and shopping malls, this attracts an equal number of people. We still live by the saying that a satisfied hunger and quenched thirst makes one pleasant and closer to us. True to these words, various hotels, restaurants, motels and other such places that offers food have opened up almost everywhere.   In today’s world, it

Barbeque Nation: A must visit!

A world of food in itself is Barbeque Nation. Whether you want to have a dinner out, celebrate an occasion with your friends, colleagues or loved ones, this is the place. A place with perfect ambience and zippy service. You just can’t miss to come in here at BBQ Nation. The food, which is vegetarian and non-vegetarian is fresh, tasty and the most special part is that they there is

Under 30 Minutes Guilt Free Desserts Recipes

Nothing can be more pleasant and refreshing than starting your day with the desserts. Celebrate your season with this small package which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Here are some of the recipes: Soup with Creamy Banana Freeze: Quite surprising soups can be cold too. Isn’t it?? This is a refreshing cold soup, which is full of nutritional value especially Vitamin C.  During summers and late spring


We have come a long way since the days when veggies meant overcooked carrot and a lump of stodgy potato. It’s a great treat to have the list of food choices we enjoy nowadays. But the pretentious language that’s built up around dinning is enough for us to grind our teeth so hard that whatever we choose to eat will soon need to be consumed through a straw. Celebrity chefs

Pocket-friendly Food!

When you want a sumptuous breakfast, that too under 150 bucks, where do you go? You go to Blue Sky Café. With burgers and grilled sandwiches priced in the range of 55 to 100, and mouth watering omelets, and yummy milkshakes with just the right amount of sugar – there seriously ain’t much to think about, is there? I breakfasted there on 10th of this month; had a Mushroom Chicken