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Sankalp: The Home of Delicious South Indian Cuisines

Today we have so many South Indian food serving restaurants in different parts of the country, but none is more popular than Sankalp. The success story of this Indian restaurant is really incredible. The style and broad range of dishes present in the menu of this restaurant is nonpareil. One of the main reasons of their popularity is the presence of the innovative food items in their menu. The experts

Enjoy this monsoon with hot and crispy Pakoras

Monsoon is here to make the whole environment vivacious with its drizzling effect and make it lively. Monsoon comes with different flavors and have lots of fun embodied in it. For example for children it is the time to sail their handmade boats, for farmers it is like a blessing and some people enjoy the tiny droplets falling over the ground. So different people enjoy this season in their own

Go on and try some Bread based meal

Bread is one of the oldest foods which people use in their daily life. It is available all around the world anywhere and anytime. It is the simplest and the easiest option available to the people whenever they are hungry and are not in a mood to do any type of effort. It is a type of staple food which is prepared by mixing water and flour together. The dough

Rico’s-Adding taste to North campus

If you are a student of the University of Delhi and that too North Campus, then you must have thanked your stars making your life worth living by blessing you with innumerable cafes in Hudson Lane. Move towards GTB Nagar metro station’s gate number 3 from Patel Chest and you will find yourself on a street that is never tired. There are people going crazy for photocpies and then, move

Madras Filter Kaapi!

The coolest hangout for today’s generation is to sip on a coffee in a costly coffee shop. Every street corner has a coffee shop these days, where they serve the regular cappuccinos and hundreds of other varieties of coffee. It is a relatively new trend in India, but people of Chennai and their neighbors are accustomed to this more than anyone else. New age coffee shops, with their swanky couches

Milkshakes! 5 interesting recipes to follow!

Give a child a glass of plain milk, and he’ll shirk from it forever, blend some ice-cream into it, fuse a fruit or two into it or maybe shake it up with some chocolate syrup and the kid will love having milk for almost every meal! Yes, what I’m talking about here are milkshakes! Be it the scorching summers or the dull monsoons, a chilled milkshake is always appreciated by

Food Walk – Part I

Photo Walk. Sure. But how many of you have heard of “FOOD WALK”?   Food Walk (definition): You walk. You go places. You try out different delicacies. You eat, eat and eat. Your knowledge of food increases tenfold. Your waist-line – not so much, since you are literally walking the whole way and that makes up for all the calories you intake.   Going around the city with my friends

Best hotels you could visit in the world!!

There is hardly someone who does not like travelling and hasn’t ever dreamt of going on a world tour yet. But it’s not possible to visit and every city and if at all you happen to be in one of these cities below, here is a list of great hotels that are almost close to heaven. Luxury and ambiance of these hotels has captured hearts of international tourists ever since

Famous Cheese Recipes for Cheese Lovers

Think about Cheese and the image which comes to our mind is melted cheese on pizzas, vegetables covered with melted cheese, cheese sandwich etc. The list is endless. Cheese is popular all over the world and is one of the ingredients loved by each and every heart. A person who loves cheese is entitled as turophile. In ancient times, there had been a special kitchen in Rome, which is especially

Ooooo Sauce-y !!

Sauces are the splendor and glory of French cooking. -Julia Child   I remember ordering an egg roll at Bedwin, a well known roll shop here in Kolkata. (To those who love their rolls, kindly don’t take offence) They served the egg roll with potato and onion filling and no ketchup or sauce of any kind. A healthy roll. Well, for me, that’s not a roll – it’s chapatti with