Hotels and Restaurants

IndiJoe:Foodie dream come true

Behold!Here comes IndiJoe !Another page int he foodie diaries is about to be filled!A true foodie heaven(figuratively)has been uncovered from under folds and folds places and cities.Situated at the  Ambiance mall,Gurgaon,this food joint comes across as an actual foodie dream with an ‘all you can ‘eat buffet.You name it and they have it.Indian,Chinese,Thai,Continental,Italian,American,Mediterranean,Mongolian ,and so on and so forth.The list goes on and on.Where some other restaurants may claim to


Ever had days when you desperately wanted to have something really tasty but was out of your budget?Or got scolded over the phone by your mother for not having something healthy?We all have had those days,and at such times its often noticed that we somehow come across memorable solutions.The ‘jugaad’ tech,the hunt for healthy or inexpensive food that would not bloat us into absolute wobbly humans as our mother warns

For the love of sea-side food (Alibaug beach)

Having lived 30 km from Alibaug, the glorious Arabian sea became like a second home. A feeling shared by many of the co-habitat of the region, I became fiercely possessive and proud of MY beach. With passing time the focus shifted from building sand castles to the serenity of the place . Lately i realized the serenity has as much to do with the food there as it is with

Moreish Wanderings Part-I: Bengaluru

If you really wish to get-away from the stereotypical venturing of ‘popular’ places and join me in my gastronomic peregrination through an array of exotic spaces hid within the heart of one of the most popular urban destinations, your very own B’lore and discover for the ultimate “experience of the unknown”, then here’s your chance! Bengaluru, commonly known as Bangalore or B’lore, which is ‘usually’ adorned with various titles of-the

Street Foods: India’s Epicurean Delight

India is rightfully the hub of multiple cuisines for diverse variety of food that it offers. Apart from the respective local cuisine of every area, the street food here is omnipresent and is the connecting link between northern and southern parts along with eastern and western parts of India. In almost every part of India, you come across a food shack after every five minutes. Every state has a different

Chor Bizarre: A treasure house of taste

Sitting on one of the much sought after seats,after a tough fight through reservations made for it,you finally enter the secret coven of lost treasures and looted valuables.With each plate different from that of the other person sitting right next to you ,the cutlery unique,mismatched glasses,and a display case filled with all sorts of “stolen” goods,you have finally found a place at the Chor Bizarre restaurant,M.G Road ,Gurgaon. This amusing,mismatched

Chokhi Dhani: An Experience Like Never Before

The sultry breeze,the golden sand,the earthly smell,the air resonating with warm cordial greetings of “RAAM RAAM SA!”,smiles on each face,the enthusiasm with which each person reflects the undiluted festivity of Jaipur.Each moment spent in CHOKHI DHANI becomes an experience that you shall never forget.A mere peephole to have a glimpse of the rich culture and ways of celebrations Rajasthan harbour s,it is as legendary as it gets! Entering Chokhi Dhani

Barbecue the Indian hangout

The west has now twin meaning of Barbecue, it’s to barbecue and to be at one. The sheer tradition that this tiny (not literally!) thing packs in itself is awesome. From sports to backyard parties, Barbecue is a way of life there. The Wild West is set in its way and doesn’t seem to want to change, and rightly so. The untamed east has its versions of the game with

Lavish and Luxurious Hotels – Must visit!

  Hotels are for foodies. Really? No! Luxury is also expected from Hotels now and there is no paucity in the lavishness of the grand hotels. Though, they are not afforded by common people, yes, but they do attract everyone and requires a must visit. Hotels are for travelers and tourists. But some people visit places just to experience the hospitality of these hotels. Luxury today has less to do


The simmering sound of the sizzler arriving,oozing with a lingering trail of smoky scent and barbecue sauce ,a platter full of continental goodness reaches you loaded with oven fresh bread with butter melting on it,plenty of crispy sauteed vegetables decorated on its sides,pepper and mushroom dip,delectable potato wings and sitting in the center of it all,the maharaja,a thick,well done boneless chicken steak brimming with the choicest of sauces,crisp on the