Junk Food – In and Out

  Junk food is a term we are all familiar with and is associated with food items I bet taste well but is not considered healthy. It is believed that the term junk food was first used by a person named Michael Jacobson who was the director of the Center for Science in Public Interest. Under the heading of junk food come a lot of different types of food items

Bengalis and their obsession with Fish

  ‘Mach’. ‘Dal’. ‘Bhat’. The three monosyllabic words represent a paradisiacal abode for the good people of Bengal. Bengal, being near the coast, is abundant in a variety of fishes and thus the emergence of a myriad of ever-popular fish delicacies has taken place. It is said that a Bengali cannot live without his fish. Wherever he may go, however far he may travel, his love for fish –bag and baggage-

Bengali Food Culture

Bengalis as a community are known to find pleasure in food. Even the average Bengali will be able to give you a thorough lecture on the exact proportion of what spices should (or should not) be present in a chilli potato curry, and with extreme confidence at that! Their tastes are often simple yet singular. The wide ranging array of Bengali food is mouth-watering; ranging from the spicy ‘Machher Jhol’

Cooking And Kids

  “When I cook with my son, I might chop vegetables and have fun with different shapes. Cooking is a way to teach kids about other things, like reading or math with all of the weights and measures. There are so many things that are part of cooking that are also very educational.” – Emeril Lagasse     Cooking with kids is super easy and fun. These days, recipes for

Fruit Juice Better than Soft Drinks – Myth or Reality

We mostly hear from health expert and parents that soft drinks are not good for health and as a substitute for that recommend fruit juices which are in comparison fresh and good for the body as they do not have any preservatives in them but in reality apart from a few vitamins and minerals there is not much of a difference between the two beverages as both give you almost

What to NOT Feed Kids

I’m sure you’re a responsible parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/babysitter. While that once-in-a-while trip to McDonalds’ is all right, you make sure that your kids do not feed on hamburgers, French fries, pizza, and coke day in and day out, much as they’d love to. While cutting the obvious junk out of your kids’ everyday diet is a great idea, you may be surprised as to what scientific studies have to reveal about a

Haunted Hotels Around the World

We are programmed to receive. You can checkout anytime you like, But you can never leave! Does Hotel California by The Eagles send a shiver down your spine when you hear those words? Remember how Percy Jackson was stuck in a Hotel for 4 years and did not realize because time passed rapidly? The Shining – Haven’t you read/watched that book/movie and felt claustrophobic and terrified? What happens when there


     In this world we live in, we find differences or classification in everything we set our eyes on like the rich and the poor, the developing and the developed countries, normal and inferior goods etc. and between all these differences, we also have some related to food items namely vegetarian and non vegetarian. Believed by many, vegetarian cuisine is considered far better, healthy and nutritious than the non

Artificial Sweeteners: Sweet or Sour?

When renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor comes on TV, urging you to quit sugar and switch to Sugar Free, I’m sure it feels like a beacon of hope to those of you trying to watch your weight. You aren’t alone. With health associations the world over giving a nod, albeit cautiously, to the use of artificial sweeteners in place of sugar, diabetics and diet-conscious people the world over are turning to