Kashmiri pundits, also known as Kashmir Brahmins are the oldest inhabitants of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They are the only Hindu community native to Kashmir. Through the years, many Hindus have migrated from different parts of the country. The history of the Kashmiri pundits is the history of Kashmir valley itself. CUISINE They have their own exquisite culture as well as food habits. They introduced the use of

Sweet Potato: Delicacies you cannot miss

SWEET POTATO DISHES Sweet potato is the healthier replacement of our beloved potatoes and it is loved by most of us. Packed with important vitamins and other nutrients, sweet potato helps us stay fit. They are also a good source of potassium and iron which are two most important minerals for our body. Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but they also come with long list of health benefits. So,

Under 30 Minutes Guilt Free Desserts Recipes

Nothing can be more pleasant and refreshing than starting your day with the desserts. Celebrate your season with this small package which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Here are some of the recipes: Soup with Creamy Banana Freeze: Quite surprising soups can be cold too. Isn’t it?? This is a refreshing cold soup, which is full of nutritional value especially Vitamin C.  During summers and late spring


My  love for Macaroni  is nothing short of profound .This one simple dish ,loaded with a sinful amount of cheese has so many memories and moments prepped upon it like tiny flowers in a garden . Savoury and erotic in true foodie terminology, it never ceases to amaze me .How can something so simple and uncomplicated give rise to the most mouth-watering and tempting of all sensations? As a child,

To Eat or Not To Eat

“TO BE, OR NOT TO BE? THAT IS THE QUESTION- ” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet ( Act 3 scene i) Tweaking the above mentioned famous quote, in reference to our food fetishes, – ‘to eat, or not to eat? That is the question-’. A friend of mine recently lost 16 kilos (yes, you read that right) in about 3 and a half months. No fitness centre. No gym. She followed

Chutneys are Yummy! Part 2

Chutney (also translated as Chatney or Chatni) is a family of condiments mainly associated with South Asian cuisine that usually contain some mixture of spice(s), vegetable(s), and/or fruit(s). Chutneys may be either wet or dry, and can have a coarse or fine texture. There are various types of chutneys. Traditionally, chutneys are ground with a mortar and pestle made of stone or an ammikkal . Spices are added and ground, usually in a

Tales served in a plate!

Have a big party to host too soon? But are too bored of the clichéd party menus available (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Mughlai)? I have just the thing for you, that will surely elevate your stature to the “PARTY KING/QUEEN” and give you and you’re fiction-fellas the best time of their lives! Yes, give way to your literary gastronomy as I bring forth a list of fictional literary food

Chutneys are Yummy! Part 1

Often while having food, you find that the dish lacks a certain punch. A flavor so to speak. You wonder how to solve this problem. Well, worry no longer. There is a solution at hand which will leave your taste buds tingling in the process. What can that be you ask? One word we say in reply. Chutneys! Chutney (also translated as chatney or chatni) is a family of condiments


“I think cookies are unsung sweet you know?”-Bobby Flay. This delectable disc  that fits in your palm so effortlessly and melts over  your tongue,revealing  the sweet , buttery taste with each bite,it is indeed  an unsung sweet . God knows how many cookie jars have been emptied , those danish cookie boxes that had their contents  consumed in a mere jiffy and those numerous evenings that were spent with a

Icecream treats, Healthy and Delicious!!

While ice cream isn’t typically eaten for its nutritional value, there are several health benefits associated with this frozen treat. Since ice cream is a dairy product like milk or yogurt, it contains some of the same vitamins and nutritional content. Summer is the best time for Ice creams. You can make extremely delicious Ice creams at your home by following the given procedures. DULCE DE LECHE ICE CREAM- Ingredients- 1