The holy month of Ramadan – all you need to know!

With the advent of the pious month of Ramazan or Ramadan, hustle and bustle can be seen throughout all the Muslim households. The preparations begin a lot in advance. Excitement can be seen everywhere. From shopping for clothes and accessories to stocking up the eateries in order to avoid the last minute confusions, people do it all. This is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. This is said

The Mirror Theory

  The world is a projection of our consciousness. The only way we can change the perspective of the people around us is by changing the way we look at the world. That simply means to bring about some change in our consciousness. Everything around is a mirror, a mirror that reflects all that you do or think. In every situation, every relationship, you would find reflections of your own

Wicca: The Mysterious Religion

Wicca, even though treated as a religion, can also be termed as a school of thought or philosophy. A nature-based religion Wicca was brought into the limelight by retired British civil servant Gerald Gardner around 1950s. Wicca is the infamous witchcraft practice and the female followers of the beliefs of this religion call themselves as witch, but basically they are regarded as neo-pagans. Wicca is a religion shrouded in mystery

Madurai: Symbol of Tamil Culture

History of Meenkashi temple : Meenakshi Amman temple  is an ancient temple which is located on the banks of river Vaigai in Madurai district  of Tamil Nadu.  Meenakshi Amman Temple is also called as Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple. This temple is more than 2500 years old. This temple is dedicated to the deities mainlyMeenakshi who is the modern avatar of goddess Parvathi and Sundareshwar as Lord Shiva. The temple was originally built during 7th century by the first Pandya’s .   Malayadwaja Pandya who was one of the kings who ruled Madurai, in South India.Meenakshi was the daughter of the king  Malayadwaja Pandya and queen Kanchanamala. Meenakshi was a miracle child gift given by god to both the king and queen after their sincere performance of yagna to have children’s , as they din’t have children’s from many days. Meenakshi was a brave girl who was thought the art of war and martial arts. She got married to Lord Shiva . So Meenakshi temple was built after her and Madurai city was formed around the temple.

The pretty little butterfly! :)

“Happiness”! One of the most complex words to understand in the human vocabulary. And yet, each one of us runs to attain this intangible state all our lives. I wish I had a better partner, wish I had a new pair of clothes, wish I could buy a new car, and wish I had that job. Wish I had this or that and then I would be happy. But lets’

New Food Trend : Organic Is The Way

Food is something without which we can’t live. As population has risen over the years, the demand for food has increased manifold too. This leads to extensive industrial farming, with the usage of chemicals and artificial ways to produce cheap and huge quantity of food. But are they nutritious? The answer is a big no. By eating this  food we are poisoning our body and destroying nature, ecosystem and our

Beauty of the feast!

World consists of human divided by infinitesimal differences by region, religion, nation, race, caste, color, creed and what not. Things like globalization would be impossible to think of if we would not have been able to find the common binding factor among the differences. India here very well stands for its world known diversity which had stood as one against the tests of time. Apart of being multicultural from the


Since time immemorial, the mankind has relied on the healing power of herbs. If we dig into our ancient past, we would find enumerable references of traditional herbs with numerous health benefits. One such plant, which finds it mention everywhere, is tulsi or basil. The holy tulsi, also known as the ‘ QUEEN OF HERBS ’ ,is the most sacred of all the herbs found in India. In Ayurveda, tulsi is regarded as a divine plant. The benefits of the plant are much beyond our knowledge and its mere presence can bring a change. Dr. RM Gupta, a naturopath, says, “ tulsi is not only beneficial in curing cold and cough but it can also act as an anti-cancer and blood-purifying agent.” There are three types of tulsi mentioned in Ayurvedic texts – Rama tulsi, Shyama or Krishna tulsi and Vana tulsi, all having their own different benefits. According to Hinduism, it is regarded as Goddess Tulsi. Its leaves are offered during the worship of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations of Krishna and Vithoba. Beauty benefits –   Tulsi stems and roots are known for the making of the tulsi malas. Tulsi also known as skin rasayana, helps to stay healthy and supple as it is a good source of vitamin C, carotene, calcium and phosphorus.   For hair, add a small amount of tulsi oil to coconut oil and massage well. Tulsi helps to improve blood circulation and keeps the scalp cool. Applying tulsi paste, keeps the scalp and roots clean and dandruff free.   It has also been successfully tried by some naturopaths in treatment of leucoderma. Its anti-oxidant properties prevents the body from damages caused by free radicals, thus delaying the aging process and appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.     Health focus-   According to the reports published, an oily substance found in tulsi actively destroys tuberculosis bacilli. It is also used to prepare more than 300 medicines in Ayurveda and homeopathy. During eclipses, may people believe that if leaves of the tulsi plant are kept near the food items then it prevents any adverse effects on them   It is claimed that tulsi promotes positive thoughts among people who come in contact with it. The plant has the ability to clear bad air, and therefore known to promote positive thoughts among people who come in contact with it.     Medicinal value-   Not only from the religious point of view but from a medicinal perspective also, tulsi has endless medicinal values and these are –    Swine flu– wonder herb tulsi not only keeps this dreaded swine flu away but also helps in fast recovery from it. Tulsi improves the body’s overall defense mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. It was successfully used in combating Japanese encephalitis. The juice of tulsi leaves, should be consumed twice a day with empty stomach as it reduces the chances of swine flu returning.     Cough– tulsi is one of the basic ingredient of almost all the Ayurvedic cough syrups                                                                                               and helps mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma.   Eye disorders– tulsi juice is an effective remedy for sore eyes and night blindness   caused by lack of vitamin A.     Tooth disorders– tulsi is good for maintaining dental health and is an excellent mouth freshener and oral disinfectant as it destroys germs and bacteria found in mouth.     Radiation poisoning and cataracts– tulsi gives promising protection from radiation poisoning and cataracts.     Fever– during rainy season, when dengue and malaria fever prevail, tender leaves of tulsi, boiled with tea, acts to prevent these diseases. In case of acute fever, a decoction of the leaves boiled with powdered cardamom in approximately half-a-liter water, mixed with sugar and milk brings down the body temperature significantly. This should be repeated after every two or three hours.     Headaches– tulsi is used as an effective medicine for headaches. A decoction of the leaves twice a day can help get rid of headaches.   Respiratory disorders– the herb, tulsi is useful in treatment of respiratory system disorders. Tulsi leaves boiled in half-a-liter water, till half amount of water is left, added with ginger and honey is an effective remedy for asthma, bronchitis, influenza, cough and cold. This can also be given with cloves and common salt, to get immediate relief.     Home remedies with tulsi-   Tulsi strengthens the body to fight diseases caused by the deficiency of vitamin A and C. It also has the potential to cure feminine diseases.    In case of sore throat, boil tulsi leaves with water and drink twice a day. This water can be used to gargle.  Tulsi juice and honey are effective in curing hiccups.  Tulsi leaves provide relief in ear pain and infection. Put a few drops of tulsi leaves into the ear for relief.  To get relief from pain due to burns, apply tulsi juice mixed with equal amounts of coconut oil.  To get quick relief from itching, apply tulsi juice mixed with lemon on the affected portion.  Eating a few leaves of tulsi improves digestion, relieves acidity and gastric trouble.  Tulsi leaves boiled with water, and then cooled can be applied on acne-affected area and eliminates pimples.  A few leaves of tulsi chewed can cure ulcers and infections in mouth.  To cure malaria, take 5-6 leaves of tulsi with black pepper powder twice a day.  Using the powder of dry tulsi leaves, and brushing teeth with this powder can keep healthy gums and prevent bad breath.

Food For Thought : Boosters and Busters

Ever thought about how food can affect how you feel and behave? Think about thanksgiving, that hearty meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of valium. Or think about a cup of mocha latte, there’s nothing like a foamy cup containing 2 caffeine saturated drinks, is there? And when you are feeling low, because of frustrating reasons like you run out of cash or you have exams, you

Midnight Demons : Counter Your Cravings

It is 11:00 p.m. You are watching T.V. Suddenly, a Dominoz commercial appears on the screen with their latest schemes and a sumptuous pizza flashes on the screen, and WHOOOSH…!!! U get severe hunger pangs, and well, you go to the kitchen, search for stock of chocolates, cakes or your favorite cookies to munch on. For most of the people, their midnight Maggi is the ultimate solace for these cravings.