Enjoy this monsoon with hot and crispy Pakoras

Monsoon is here to make the whole environment vivacious with its drizzling effect and make it lively. Monsoon comes with different flavors and have lots of fun embodied in it. For example for children it is the time to sail their handmade boats, for farmers it is like a blessing and some people enjoy the tiny droplets falling over the ground. So different people enjoy this season in their own

Go on and try some Bread based meal

Bread is one of the oldest foods which people use in their daily life. It is available all around the world anywhere and anytime. It is the simplest and the easiest option available to the people whenever they are hungry and are not in a mood to do any type of effort. It is a type of staple food which is prepared by mixing water and flour together. The dough

Paparazzi Paneer

Paneer or Indian cheese is one of those such things which is unanimously a favorite milk derivative for all, despite the fact how much they hate the milk itself!! Paneer is known to be widely favorite and commonly used in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, which is called by different names in the different parts of the country. it is called as sana in Assamese, chhena in Oriya

Sweet Dishes For Eid-ul-Fitr-

Eid-ul-Fitr is the religious festival of Muslims that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan during which they fast for 29 or 30 days from dawn to sunset. It is celebrated with great zest around the world and the greeting of “Eid Mubarak” (“Blessed Eid”) is exchanged between the merry-makers. According to some traditions, it is believed to have been initiated in Madinah after the migration of Muhammad

Delicious cake recipes

A party without an amazing and delicious appearing cake will feel incomplete irrespective of whether you are celebrating for a child or an adult. Kids specially await the arrival of the cake and when you have a unique and amazing idea, it adds more and more fun to the entire party. Birthday cakes can be prepared in any shape, flavor or size according to your wish at your home. As it

Few reasons why you should have lemons in your kitchen!!

  Lemon is known as one of the super foods with a myriad cosmetic and health benefits. Lemons are acidic in taste, but they form alkaline in the body. In fact they are one of the most alkaline-forming foods and this quality makes them great for maintaining and balancing a highly acidic condition in the body. Also lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, minerals and antioxidants which

The Super Food Meal – Oat Meal

Oats – so pale, small and often ignored by children. Many people often look at the bowl full of oats- and say “ blahh!!”. While others gaze upon that same bowl full of oats, covered with thick clouds of steam over it. So are you an oat lover? Oat meal also referred to as white oats, or ground oats from the Avena sativa, a widely cultivated cereal in temperate regions.

Wants to gain some extra kilos..??

In this Neoteric world, mostly people seem to lose their weight or lose some kilos, but there are people who want to put on some weight and gain some extra kilos. These are the people who are thin as a stick and for gaining extra kilos they tends to move towards unhealthy food or junk food. They believe that extra intake of this unhealthy food would help them to gain

5 Things you gotta know about Meditation

Whenever “MEDITATION” word crosses any where we tend to imagine Yogis or mental training. That doesn’t mean meditation don’t involve them in the picture, it’s just not the whole scenario. Yes! Meditation is needed. Why? It’ll be discussed further in the post, but let us first free ourselves from the preset definition of Meditation in our minds and start from the basic. One of the defining features for living beings

Ooooo Sauce-y !!

Sauces are the splendor and glory of French cooking. -Julia Child   I remember ordering an egg roll at Bedwin, a well known roll shop here in Kolkata. (To those who love their rolls, kindly don’t take offence) They served the egg roll with potato and onion filling and no ketchup or sauce of any kind. A healthy roll. Well, for me, that’s not a roll – it’s chapatti with