Biriyani Galore

Be it the heavy rich biriyani in Arsalan or the seemingly light biriyani in Aminia or the just-perfect biriyani in Rahmania – EVERYONE loves a bit of biriyani. When I joined college, I was literally in heaven. Park Circus is an area oozing out with old and new food places – an abode for food lovers (the fact that the food capital of the city, Park Street is a brief

Exploring the heart of the Country: Part 2

Mandu, Malwa Region (MP): It is beautiful fortified city of the 6th century that has now turned into ruins of the past. Nevertheless, it still has the charm of the bygone era. With many different monuments to see around, Mandu makes for the perfect day trip. When visiting, do visit ‘The Darwazas’- the wall of the fort that surrounds Mandu has 12 gates, through which the road to Mandu leads.

Exploring the heart of the Country: Part 1

Amarkantak: A natural heritage in a unique sense, this is the town where the three important rivers, Narmada, Sone and Johila emerge from, helping the dense flora and fauna Amarkantak is blessed with. The town has a charming history mentioned in the ancient Indian texts. It is believed that whoever dies in Amarkantak is assured to have a place in heaven. You may not live there, but you can definitely

Jungle camping

Delawadi Jungle Camp: Madhya Pradesh ahs a lot in store for the viewers and the travelers even though it might not sound very interesting in the very beginning for reasons unknown or known as well. It is for reasons umpteen and reasons which have been tried and tested over the years and hence proved that it is called the heart and the heartthrob of the nation. Traveling gives another kind

Rainy Day Nibbles!

“Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day. “ ~ It’s raining outside and you can hear the raindrops going pitter patter against the window glass. You strain your ears to hear the splashing of the rain against the sidewalk. It is at that exact moment you realize that the Monsoon season has truly arrived. With the advent of the rains, you can hardly go out to eat as you

Fun facts about honey – the wonders it can do!

The negative impacts of redefined sugar have been too many to count but this does not imply that anything that is ‘sweet’ is harmful. There are numerous natural alternatives of redefined sugar which can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and the cute little honeybee! These do not have any sort of poor effect on one’s health and rather provide nourishing nutrients to the body. Honey has been in use since

Burger Urges!!

What is it about that meaty (or veggie) patty topped with mayo, ketchup, lettuce and sandwiched between the oh-so-tasty buns that makes our tongues water? Is it the ambrosias aroma of the spice mix or the spectacular way the Burger sits in front of us neatly packed in its various layers? Or the inexplicable sensation the moment we take our first bite – the burst of flavour that hits us,

Plan your Summer Cooking

Summer is here and so is the sickening heat. So, you need to start planning your summer cooking. I promise this will prove to be a boon later. You need a smart menu to get your way through. Jot down family meals which are simple, less time consuming, healthy and definitely not fussy. Remember to drink loads of water throughout the day. This will help you get rehydrated and keep

Bean It Up!

Green Beans are popular among vegetarians as well as non vegetarians because of their high nutritional value. Beans are classified into Bush beans, Pole beans, Shell beans, Mottled beans, White beans, Yellow wax beans, Red or Kidney beans, Black beans and Pink beans. Fresh green beans are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins (especially Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Folates) and minerals (Calcium,

Mary Had a Little Lamb

The first time I had lamb was last year during Durga Puja (October-ish ) at Food Station, College Street, Kolkata. It was ‘Roasted Lamb cooked in Oyster Sauce‘ as far as I remember and it was heavenly. I would have licked my plate clean if only I were at home and not in a restaurant. From then on, I have had lamb a number of times, either at home or