Buttermilk which is commonly known as ‘chaach’ is an outstanding coolant that proves to be very beneficial for our body. Especially in the days of summer, the glass of buttermilk is very refreshing and energizing. It is one of the best ways to quench our thirst. It has gained a lot of popularity not just because of its taste and cooling effect but also because of the various health benefits. Buttermilk contains some bacteria that enhance the digestion rate and provides support to the immune system. Apart from that it possesses less amount of fat as compared to milk but contains lactic acid. Therefore including buttermilk in our diet is a desirable thing to do. Some of the major benefits of drinking buttermilk are listed below.


Buttermilk is a delightful drink which helps in reducing the temperature of the body. The people who witnesses high-level body heat can certainly use this drink to lower it down.  All those who are suffering from warm flashes must consume buttermilk to get liberated from it.

Buttermilk contains some bacteria in it along with lactic acid.  This acid helps in improving the digestion rate of the body and reduction of acidity. Immunity of the body is also uplifted as the result of this lactic acid. Buttermilk makes the body strong to fight against various damaging pathogens that our body comes across daily. Apart from this, the drink is filled with various nutrients like calcium and hence proves to be very nutritive. Hence consuming this coolant daily greatly helps in preventing us from getting ill.


Many people misunderstand buttermilk as a drink which is full of fat. But in reality buttermilk contains less amount of fat as compared to the milk. So if you are looking to lose your weight then drinking buttermilk is far better than a whole glass of milk. It is a wonderful drink which quenches our starvation between the mealtimes. So maintaining the weight of the body is quite easy with buttermilk.

Another advantage of drinking buttermilk can be seen in the form of perfect and flawless skin. Daily consumption of this drink improves the digestion and consequently the skin looks healthier. The skin is recovered to a great extent and becomes glowing with the intake of buttermilk.


Buttermilk is very effective in fighting against acidity. In the course of acidity, we undergo an intense sensation which is hard to resist. This drink helps in overcoming this sensation. All the more buttermilk cools down the stomach and greatly lessens the effect of the acidity. So it proves to be a great aid at the time of uneasiness.

A fall in the cholesterol level can be seen if the buttermilk is consumed every day. Many people face the problem of cholesterol and try various methods to lower it down. Drinking buttermilk is one of the natural ways of dropping down the cholesterol level. According to many analyses, it has been reported that the various components contained in this drink maintains the cholesterol level of the body.


The study has established that buttermilk can help in reducing the blood pressure. The buttermilk is discovered to be high in the amount of bioactive protein. This protein is associated with various beneficial features like it lowers down the cholesterol level.  Experts have observed that the intake of buttermilk every day considerably drops down the blood pressure.

Buttermilk is a combination of great taste and nutritional benefits. It is filled with vitamins, proteins and many more nutrients. Vitamin b which is found in this drink plays a vital role in the transition of food in the form of energy. It also helps in the discharge of various hormones and in ingestion. So the sicknesses which are mainly caused because of the shortage in the amount of vitamins can be diminished with the help of this cold drink.

There are some people who are not able to consume milk and hence they are incapable of sustaining enough calcium. Buttermilk is the perfect alternative for that. It provides sufficient amount of calcium to those people deprived of any unpleasant effect on the body.  Along with that it is less fatty as compared to the milk and hence maintains the body weight. This coolant is perfect drink to battle against dehydration as it contains salt, curd and great amount of water. During summer, intake of buttermilk each and every day let us combat the dehydration and provides us with the much required respite.


So if one desires for a drink which is a blend of perfect flavor and nutrients then buttermilk is the best solution. Not only it leaves you with refreshing effect but also loads up you with so many essential nutrients. Hence on a hot summer day, if you feel exhausted then have a glass full of buttermilk is the best option to cool down your body.