Chicken 65 is a delicious Indo Chinese dish which is very popular in south India.This recipe can be found in many of the dhabas and restaurants around every part of the country. Many of the people like to order this dish whenever they have visited dhabas and it is also most adorable by the children.This can be served as a great starter and many people like to have it with the drinks. This dish gets the flavor from the ingredients like ginger, garlic, red chillies and vinegar.For the preparation of this dish we can take either chicken with bone or without bone.The main important ingredient from which the whole flavor comes to this dish is only from the curry leaves.

Delicious Chicken 65 Recipe

Delicious Chicken 65 Recipe

Different stories for the name chicken 65:

This famous chicken recipe is originated in Chennai.Universally this dish is called as chicken 65,but there are many stories  regarding the name of the dish. But many people exactly don’t know the correct reason why does it so called.Few people say that the dish is so called because the first price of this dish was 65 rupees and few say that the weight of each chicken piece is about 65 grams and thus the name came into acceptance.But many people say that the number 65 in the chicken 65 represents the year in which this dish was introduced by a famous hotel in Chennai named Buhari.Thus the name chicken 65 was originated.This dish is used as a simple meal for the Indian military during the year 1965.

But the exact name Chicken 65 came as follows.Actually this dish was started from a Military canteen in Chennai where there were a set of Indian army soldiers from the northern states of India usually visited as it was one of the popular canteens. As they don’t know the regional language they used to suffer a lot with this problem.Most of the Soldiers tried to order this item by showing the number in the menu.As it is the 65 item on the menu later when ever they visited this canteen they get used to that number in the menu and they easily ordered this item by saying the number 65 to the canteen members, later it became famous with that number and spread all over as chicken 65.




1) Take one 450 grams of Chicken ( make sure it is boneless and is cut into small cubes )

2) Take half table spoon of rice flour

3) Take one table spoon of corn flour

4) Take one table spoon of red chilli powder

5) Take one table spoon of garam masala powder

6) Take one table spoon of ginger garlic paste

7) Take one table spoon of lemon juice

8) Take one pinch of red food color

9) Take one pinch of turmeric powder

10) Take two table spoons of curd or yogurt

11) Take one raw egg

12) Take salt that is sufficient for taste

13) Take refined oil required for making a deep fry

14) Take chopped onion cut in the form of rings for garnishing

15) Take chopped coriander leaves for garnishing

Ingredients that are required for making chicken 65

Ingredients that are required for making chicken 65


Chicken 65 is a spicy, red and deep fried chicken mostly taken as a snack item before meal or at the evenings and is accompanied with the onion slices, slit green chilies and lemon slices.The preparation of chicken 65 is different from one place to another depending on their taste requirements.This dish can be prepared by using boned chicken or boneless,here we are we are taking boneless chicken.Basically chicken 65 is red in color because it is deep fried and red food color is added to it.Chicken 65 can be prepared in many ways but the taste is lied within the spices.

Step 1:

At first take a bowl and add all the ingredients rice flour, corn flour, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, red food color, turmeric powder, curd, salt sufficient for taste and mix all of them along with the egg yolk for about two minutes, now add the chicken pieces slowly to the ingredients mixture and mix them well until each piece is gets the spice attached to it and leave it undisturbed to marinate for few minutes.

Chicken marination for making chicken 65

Chicken marination for making chicken 65

Step 2:

Now take a pan on the stove, switch on the flame and add oil to it that is required for making a deep fry.Leave the pan on a medium flame so that the oil gets heated up.Now take the marinated chicken pieces that are ready for cooking and put them slowly in the oil piece by piece and care should be taken that the oil should not spill.After adding all the pieces to the oil make a deep fry until their color changes to nice reddish brown color.After their color is changed take a plate with a tissue paper placed evenly on it and move the chicken pieces on to it.That’s it very hot and spicy mouth watering chicken 65 is ready.Garnish it with vegetables or onion, green chillies, lemon slices, coriander leaves and serve it.

Hot and spicy mouth watering chicken 65 recipe

Hot and spicy mouth watering chicken 65 recipe