Soup is a form of liquid food that is mostly taken before lunch as a starter.It is made by using various ingredients vegetables,meat,corn,tomatoes,water also.These ingredients are boiled along with these items and the flavor or juice that comes out of it is extracted and served as a soup.Single bowl of soup makes our taste buds feel yummy and delicious.The word soup is originated from Sanskrit Su and Po which means good nutrition.This soup before lunch or dinner is more preferable and makes our diet with very low calories.This flavorful soup is very healthy and delicious with mild spices.We can also remove the fat content present in it by removing the layer formed on the soup by using a large spoon.It is better to choose a water based soup than a cream based soup as water based has low fat and calories compared to cream based soups.

Many of the experts say that we eat soup rather than drinking it as we consider it as a part of meal. Soup is mostly taken by using a deep cut spoon as it is convenient and comfortable having in that way. We have many types of soups which are chunky, crispy, delicious, vegetables, meat, creamy and many more,each of these having involves different preparation process.

Popular Chicken Manchow soup

Popular Chicken Manchow soup


According to history soup is also having a long history around 5000 BC. Soup is a formed by the combination of various ingredients in a large pot to originate nutritious, healthy, easily digestive item. This is a perfect choice for travelers, rich, poor, every one.The soup was first added to the menu in the restaurants during 18th century in Paris.In 19th century canned and dehydrated soups are fed to trail by cowboys and Soldiers. Later these soups are diet restricted by making it with low salt and high fiber.



1) Take 200 grams of finely chopped chicken ( just ignore this if you are going for a veg soup )

2) Take finely chopped green chillies

3) Take one table spoon finely chopped garlic

4) Take 1/4 cup of cabbage pieces

5) Take 1/4 cup of chopped carrot pieces

6) Take 1/4 cup of red bell pepper

7) Take 1/4 cup of chopped capsicum

8)  Take two table spoon of finely chopped spring onion

 For the preparation of sauce:

1) Take two table spoon of tomato puree

2) Take one table spoon of red chilli sauce

3) Take one table spoon of soy sauce

4) Take one spoon of vinegar

5) Take one table spoon of ground black pepper

6) Take two cups of chicken stock

7) Take two table spoons of canola oil

8) Take salt that is suitable for one’s taste

Ingredients that are required for making Manchow soup

Ingredients that are required for making Manchow soup


Manchow soup is a popular soup in Indian Chinese cuisine.It is very easy to prepare and it gives a great hot and spicy taste to our taste buds.We can find it ease in many restaurants in their menu cards. Many of the people like to have this soup with Manchurian,but individually it also tastes good. The color of the soup is dark brown and is made out of various vegetables, spices, chicken( if not vegetarian consider this), corn flour, soy sauce, salt required amount, garlic, chilli peppers. All these combined to give a soft hot and spicy taste to the soup.

Step 1:

At first take a nonstick pan and heat it with two table spoons of oil at high flame.Now add garlic that we have taken, add half of the green chillies to the oil and saute them for about 30 seconds.Care should be taken that these garlic should not turn their color to brown.After this process now add finely chopped carrot and chicken pieces and saute them for about 2 to 3 minutes on a high flame.

Chicken Manchaw Soup preparation process step one

Chicken Manchaw Soup preparation process step one

Step 2:

As the cooking process of carrot and chicken are completed, now add cabbage, bell pepper, capsicum and saute this mixture for about one minute on a high flame.As this process is done now take a small bowl where we have to mix tomato puree, red chilli sauce, soy sauce, vinegar.After mixing these well pour this mixture into the wok by adding chicken stock and stir it completely so that all these recipe gets mixed with the vegetables and chicken pieces,but be careful while stirring as it may spill over.Let this mixture be cooked for two minutes on a high flame.

Chicken Manchow Soup preparation process step 2

Chicken Manchow Soup preparation process step 2

Step 3:

As the ingredients are well mixed to form a thick substance now add few spring onion pieces and ground black pepper that we have taken earlier and switch off the flame.That’s it the hot and spicy Chicken Manchow soup is prepared and we can take it to a serving bowl.It is advisable to take the soup when it is hot only so that we can enjoy each sip of delicious Chicken Manchow soup. The chicken pieces are soft and easily digestive.These pieces are enriched with the juice of all the ingredients and have a mouth watering taste.

Delicious hot and spicy Chicken Manchow soup

Delicious hot and spicy Chicken Manchow soup