Chocolate always have been the most loved flavor in the world. Chocolate has got such a taste that no matter how old you are in numbers you cannot ignore the essence and joy of having it. Wherever may you live or wherever you currently at, you would definitely find a pinch of chocolate in some form or the other.

But have you ever given a thought that when and where did it come from? What is its origination? And who discovered such a delighting flavor? Is the flavor we savor today in its purest form? Well, it is that one tasteful thing which has an equally mesmerizing and spellbound journey as it tastes. Let’s discuss about the long about journey of Chocolate and how it evolved till today.


Like a fairy tale, chocolate also have a cherishing journey of its beginning and through. Not on calculators, but it is believed that ‘cacao’ (pronounced as ‘kah kow’) tree was discovered some 2500 years ago in the tropical rain forests of Americas. Botanically, a certain pouch like substance of this ‘cacao’ tree contains seeds that are used for the processing of chocolate. According to archaeologists, Mayans and Aztecs were the discoverers of this famed flavor. Mayans had divine relation with cacao tree, they used to worship this tree and Aztecs used to offer the processed cacao beans that is, chocolate, to the God. They used to call this special drink as “Xocalatl”, which means warm or bitter liquid. As per the ancient history of chocolate and its origination, chocolate was consumed as a drink of holy. Aztecs usually had it in a way, mixing up these cacao beans with maize and capsicum and thus getting themselves a spicy drink to sip down. It was a special drink which was used and consumed on high and elevated ceremonies of that age.
The cacao beans were of great value for Aztecs, they even valued it as currency against which trade can be done. Though the cacao beans were not produced there, still it was treated as of great importance.

A Spanish explorer, Don Hernan Cortes, was the soul behind who introduced ‘chocolate’ to Europe, in 16th century. However, a few historians argue that chocolate actually came to Europe with Christopher Columbus, who carried a bag full of cacao on his trip back to Americas. Well, whosoever brought these beans in Europe had made a mark of his sequence, as it made the world view an exquisite flavor. Since, chocolate traveled all way long from Americas to Europe, the habit and manner of its consumption too changed among different people. The Spaniards had their own way of its consumption. They used to make a paste of the beans and then mix it up with vanilla and honey and finally brewing and serving it by pouring into cups from heights to make it frothy and even more amusing. It was their fashion of drinking it and experiencing its excellence.
Within a time span of less than a century, chocolate spread its aroma to all corners of the big continent. Historians unanimously give the credit of popularizing the drink, to Don Cortes. French, being one of the creative nation from its very commencement, have played a greater role in popularizing the drink across the world. It was French only, who came up with idea of coffee houses, which we see today also, to serve the magical taste of cacao beans.

In 17th century, Sir Hans Sloane (England) added milk to the pure drink of cocoa, and thus making it taste a different and afresh. Initially this drink was rather used as a medicine for apothecaries. This recipe of drinking chocolate was then taken over by Cadbury’s presenting it in the form we consume today.


The year 1765 is considered a time of major term in the good history of chocolate. It was in this year when the world got to see the first Chocolate factory in its kind. The factory introduced chocolate in a solid form. Chocolate rolls and cakes and bars were introduced to the world, more like what we have today. It was served in the chocolate emporiums. During the harsh times of World War II, the US soldiers were sent these chocolate bars as it provided enough energy to stay upon. And soon Swiss Chocolate factory was established manufacturing the famous good Swiss chocolate.


Hence we see that, the chocolate has been through various transformations. From a bitter sweet drink of the Emperors to cool and solidified bars and cakes. Chocolate is that one flavor which have been loved and admired at every heart and place. From being through old and even older times, chocolate still has its founding and a popular dear for all ages. In the good old and interesting coming of chocolate in existence, chocolate always makes the mouth happy. Today chocolate is not just a drink or solid bar to consume as, it has found place in every industry of modern world. Be it a perfume spray, an icy affair or fountain decoration, all is chocolaty and thus luring and enticing.