Kolakta which is the capital of West Bengal and it is the former capital of British India during the year 1772 to 1911.It is one of the ancient and largest cities in India and also one of the major ports in India.IT is located on the eastern bank of hugli river.A city of commerce, transport, and manufacture, Kolkata is the dominant urban centre of eastern India.



Origin of name Kolkata:

The ancient name of Kolkata is Calcutta, it is a older version of Bengali name Kalikata. According to few people the name Kalikantha is derived from the word Kalikshetra which means ground of goddess Kali.According to few people the name came as the city is located on the bank of the canal Khal.The other opinions are as it is famous for the manufacturing of shell lime, the Bengali words for lime are Kali and the burnt shell in Bengali is kata, thus the name originated according to few people.As it is famous for manufacture of shell lime the government of West Bengal has changed its name to Kolkata.


The city has a maximum elevation of about 9 meters above sea level.The city handles a large portion of India’s foreign trade in both agricultural and manufactured products.The main thoroughfare in Kolkata is Jawaharlal Nehru Road.Along this road we can find many shopping malls, city’s shops, restaurants, and hotels. On our way we an find Indian Museum which has a vast collection of ancient Indian artifacts and on this road we can find Birla Planetarium which is one of the largest planetariums in Asia.Maidan park covering over 985 acres and the main attractions of the park are Fort William and the Victoria Memorial Hall which is massive monument in the museum which is made up of marble.



The city is having many old churches, temples, mosques.The largest mosque in the city was Nakhoda Mosque which was built around 1926 to 42.The Kali temple is an impressive Hindu temple which is famous all over the country.Coming to churches St. Paul’s which is an Anglican cathedral is built around 1839 to 47.Durga puja which is famous Hindu festival celebrated very grandly throughout the city during the months of September and October.

Kolakta kali temple

Kolakta kali temple

University of Calcutta which is being the oldest and is found during the year 1857 and this is one of the leading Institution in the city of Kolkata for the higher education.In this city of Kolkata there is National library with a collection of about 20,00,000 volumes.This library is situated at Belverdere Estate which is located near Alipore Zoo.



The city of Kolkata is having an International Airport which is being served by several railways and highways, including the Grand Trunk Road which links Kolkata with Delhi and upper part of India.In India first Subway is opened in Kolkata during the year 1984.



Climatic conditions:

The city is quite hot with moderate temperatures during December to January and is having high temperatures during April and May.The average annual rainfall in Kolkata is about 64 inches.Winter falls from the end of November and continues till February.it is pleasant and the fogs and mists reduce the visibility in the early hours.


We can find many religions in Kolkata but the major are Hindus, Christians, Muslims.Because of this multi linguistic in nature we can find many languages are being spoken by the people but most dominant language is Bengali.Many people from various parts of the world visit this city for various purposes being a cosmopolitan city.The population in Kolkata is extremely high and overcrowding can be find in almost every place we visit in the city.This overcrowding is found from many decades this is mainly due to the migrants of the people from the neighbouring states like Bihar, Orissa, Uttar pradesh, Jharkhand are coming to Kolkata in search of employment.

Over crowding in Kolkata

Over crowding in Kolkata


Kolkata Is one of the India’s  prominent economic centres because of its manufacturing industries, finance, trade, exports, imports and is having major activities like printing, publishing, and newspaper circulation, as well as for recreation and entertainment.In addition to all these there are many resources available in Kolkalta like coal, iron, manganese, mica, petroleum, tea, and jute.

Kolkata Cuisine:

Kolkata is having unique food habits and many of them eat meat and fish regularly.People of Bengal mostly prefer to eat fish, goat, mutton and chicken and the only exception is beef and few Muslim communities even eat it also.As Kolakta is having countless rivers, ponds and lakes many varieties of fish are available here and we can also find prawns, shrimp and crabs also in abundant.Most of the people eat fish as a dish in any of their day meal.They use different types of spices both for fish and vegetables.

Kolkata cuisine

Kolkata cuisine


         Fish is the dominant kind of protein in their cuisine because of the numerous number of ponds, lakes, rivers.Almost every part of the fish are eaten and few spare bits of the fish are usually used to flavor curries and dals.The salt water fish Ilish is very popular among the Bengali’s and is also known as the icon of Bengali’s cuisine.There are many ways for the cooking of these fishes depending on the texture, size, fat content and the bones.They can be fried, roasted, a simple spicy tomato based gravy.Some are cooked with curd or yogurt with sour sauce, with sweet sauce or even the fish made to taste sweet on one side and savoury on the other.There is a saying that the Ilish fish can be cooked in 108 different ways.

Varieties of fishes in Kolkata fish market

Varieties of fishes in Kolkata fish market