The lovely, fruity, refreshingly cool smoothies are almost everyone’s favorite. Available in all varieties, be it fruity or veggie contained green smoothies, served with straw. So popular now, are found in all restaurants, grocery stores and even coffee shops, there’s nothing not to love about smoothies. They may sound like healthy option above all which they are undoubtedly but yes, there are some aspects to it which make not so good. They are considered healthy and come under this umbrella term because most of the time they are made of soy milk, yoghurt, frozen fruit or skim milk. They make a really good options for meal or snack when made with natural fruits. Well, let’s enumerate the health benefits of smoothies;


Smoothies keep you hydrated: Having smoothie in breakfast helps in keeping you hydrated for the whole day. This is what something like soda, tea or coffee won’t do. The body do gets water from many foods and resources, so one doesn’t need to drink water while having smoothie. As milk and yoghurt are largely water, it will quench your thirst eventually. In hot weather, it is preferable to add some extra ice cubes for extra water and the chillness.

Smoothies are perfect or Breakfast: Breakfast needs to be king size, I know you know that. Smoothies make up an excellent choice for breakfasts because they make you feel fuller and are heavy as fruits and veggies are blended together with milk or yoghurt. The classic breakfast of bread, peanut butter, jam and any fruit smoothie is easy-to-make and perfect for any day. Sipping smoothie in the morning prevents you from indulging in unhealthy urges like donuts or drive through. Also, if you have problem taking in those cod liver oil directly, you can add some drops in your smoothie and this will make it all the more nutritious.

Smoothies are Easy, Portable and Custom-made: Smoothies are really easy to make and are really good on-the-go choice. Just pick some fruits, throw them in the blender, put some milk and drink the mixture. If you own a blender, it will be ready in no time. Also, they can be stored and will stay fresh for 24 hours if kept cool and sealed in a right container and you can carry it anywhere in the car or train or gym to have it anytime you like. A vacuum flask is a right choice if you want to keep your smoothie cool and fresh on the move. Moreover, the fun part is you can add all types of ingredients you like in your smoothie and make it as per your taste and mood.

Smoothies are blend of Vitamins and Minerals: They are way better than Multi-vitamins. Drinking fruit smoothie every day is more healthful than taking those multivitamins, even recommended by nutritionists. As just a glass full provide us with enough fiber and loads of all the required vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are a true blend of nutrition. This in turn helps in digestion and may help in control blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Smoothies are Nutrient-dense and source of calcium: Smoothies are best when they are all natural made with real fruits and veggies. The nutrient –dense ingredients provides vitamins and oils necessary for complete nutrition. A truly healthy smoothie is the one that has dietary fats in the form of cream for the body to use in assimilating the vitamins and minerals. Just simply blend bananas with skim milk or yoghurt or soy milk and get a great deal of benefits and nutrients. And yes, the milk or any base you use is a rich source of calcium, giving it all the more richness.

With all the pros of smoothies, let’s have a look on the ingredients that probably you shouldn’t be using but are preferable to put into your smoothie to make it really rich, which are like,

Aloe Vera, Pomengranate juice, Kefir, Coconut Milk, Chia seeds, Moringa powder, Milled flax seed, Spirulina etc. Well, the great news if you want to know is that if you want to lose weight, smoothies can be used as a meal replacement not an addition to it, so just take it this way and enjoy the results. Like, sip a dairy based smoothie for breakfast or water-based smoothie as a snack. All the fruit or veggie smoothie can be a healthy additional meal plan as long as you maintain proper meal portion. Its better to incorporate smoothies in your diet plan by consulting your dietician or doctor.

Some Awesome smoothie recipes:

Coconut Water-Mango smoothie:

2 cups unsweetened coconut water

Pinch of cayenne powder

2 tablespoons lime juice

2 cups ripe mango chunks

Blend all the ingredients in blender till smooth. Gulp them and enjoy the delicious smoothie.

Now, Here’s is what a really healthy green smoothie will contain, just perfect for your body;

¼ cup water

1 banana

¼ cup orange juice

1 cup spinach

¾ cup strawberries

½ cup blueberries

Blend till smooth and enjoy the green richness of the drink.


All these less calories, full of refreshment and deliciousness smoothies make up really good combination in breakfast or as a evening snack. Basically, smoothie is perfect for a busy life like present time, counts as an ideal on the go drink and is really easy to make, ready in no time. Smoothies are now-a days everywhere, people are talking about it a lot on the internet or in general. Why? Because it is Healthy. Yes, It definitely is healthy. There’s more to green smoothies but smoothies or protein shakes in any form is healthy. Though, taking fruits and veggies straightforward form is also healthy, but sipping on smoothie gives a new refreshing touch to them.

Healthy Eating. Happy Life.