Tea is a form of drink that is enjoyed by people in so many countries. Its popularity has been increased a lot in these years. People love to have a few sips of this amazing drink when they are tired and want to have some freshness. There are many different kinds of tea available in the market like Black Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea and many more. Even though they offer different benefits and have different features they all are originated from the similar plant-‘Camellia sinensis’. It has been found out that tea also provides so many benefits to the health and keeps the body fit and fine.  Among the various kinds of tea that we have, some are listed below along with their features and advantages.


Green Tea:


This particular kind of tea is quite prevalent in the regions of Asia and is enjoyed by the people a lot. China and Japan are the chief producers of green tea. It comes in the marketplace with so many essences and tastes. It includes various vitamins beneficial for the health. It’s a sweet smelling and delightful beverage that is relished by the people from all over the world. It is very helpful in burning fat, reducing the danger of strokes and neurological sickness and improving the level of cholesterol. So green tea is a good blend of taste and health benefits. Further if you want to lose weight this is the tea which you need to start drinking.


Black Tea:


It has been widespread in the marketplaces of Europe and US. ‘Chai’- a very much liked drink all over the world is made from black tea. In India Darjeeling and Assam are the biggest producers of black tea. It is gaining popularity and love for its deep and intense flavors. From children to adults, it is appreciated and liked by all. The greatest amount of caffeine is found out in black tea. It is too beneficial for reducing the amount of strokes and offers a great amount of protection to the lungs too.


White Tea:


As the name suggests it is the cleanest type of tea, it is the purest of all the kinds. It is processed in a slightest amount as compared to other kinds of tea and this kind of tea is produced in the rarest amount. The drinks formed from white tea possess a bright color and taste. It has become so prevalent and common recently. It is quite similar to green tea except its light color and flowery taste. The sprouts of the plants are included in the white tea which gives a way to floral taste. It possesses strong and powerful anticancer characteristics. Antioxidant as well as detoxifying advantages is delivered by white tea.


Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea

It is quite popular among the people as the Chinese drink as it basically comes from China. It is dissimilar from the others of its kind. It has very intense and powerful flavor in addition with sugary and sweet smelling fragrance. Oolong tea is a kind of semi fermented tea. It is extensively utilized by the in people as it offers great amount of digestive advantages. It is moreover famous as ‘Wu long’ tea with deep essence and delightful smell. It is also considered as a supplement for the loss in the weight.


Red tea:


It is another tea which comes with purity as the additives are not included in it. It is known for its clean and genuine form with no preservatives.  The amount of caffeine is quite low in it. This drink is quite suitable for the people having hectic and occupied routine life. All over the day, it can be consumed numerous times. It acts as eminent drink to quench the thirst. Apart from using it in the various drinks it is also utilized in baking as well as cooking. This tea has a gentle and relaxing effect and is sweeter as compared to usual tea.


Herbal Tea:

herbal tea

It is also known as ‘tisane’ and it usually does not include any caffeine in it. Apart from using it as a drink it is also utilized for various medical advantages offered by it. It is an easy and efficient tea that is available to the people at a very low cost.  It is very enjoyable and pleasurable in flavor and provides so many advantages of the herbs.  Similar to other drinks, it can be served up as hot and cold both.  So it is a very pleasant beverage to enjoy along with its medicinal advantages. Herbal tea is highly preferred in most parts of the world.

So as you can see there are so many kinds of tea which are available now days. Every tea has its own advantages and flavors. Drinking tea is the part of the daily routine and it leaves behind a very soothing and relaxing effect which is required in such as busy routine. In the market you are provided with a great deal of different kinds of tea. So you certainly have many options to select from and enjoy the benefits of that particular type of tea.