In any shape or size, whether they are round, square or twisted, these deep fried snack is always appealing and keep us reaching for more. The beauty of donut make us fall prey for them and we just can’t resist it. So, you love Dunkin’ Donuts? Is it your favorite place to hang out? Well, think again, because Donuts aren’t considered as very healthy choice. For a breakfast, it’s a complete no! No. Obviously because it is sweet, piece of fried dough with all the creaminess and chocolaty content makes it a pack of calories. Nothing else. Yes, it is tasty, hell a lot, but still can’t be rated as healthy food. The fact that doughnuts aren’t good shouldn’t be a surprise, as of a fact, they are worse than many other snacks in the market. You can see a bag of chips have 260 calories and a small packet of cookies have 50 to 60 calories but a doughnut has not less than 300 calories making it such a unhealthy choice. With all the sugar, fats and other unhealthy ingredients, donuts can wreck a havoc on your health. Don’t believe me, just go through the list below and you will get an idea what kind of potential harm they can give;


Risk of Weight gain: this round fried confectionery or dessert food, called doughnut has full lot of calories. What’s the point in ignoring other food and your cravings but just can’t resist donut and eat one or two and then more. Even a single donut a day can put you at risk of gaining weight over time. A crispy cream filed raspberry donut or any donut with different fillings has near about 300 calories. Doctors say if you consume even only one donut everyday and do not even exercise regularly to cut down the calories, you are likely to gain 1 pound every 10 donuts. So, now, its upto you how wisely you eat those sweet rounds.

No Nutritional value: Doughnuts are unlikely to have any kind of food value because of so high sugar and calorie content. Also, the fried aspect of donuts makes it so unhealthy choice. Also, the main ingredient being white flour, a simple carbohydrate is what makes them a highly refined and highly processed food. Refined flour id close to no fiber and also there’s no whole wheat grain or any other natural healthy foods. Fiber is essential for anything to get a tag of healthy and to make you regular and also, it prevents colon cancer or maintains blood sugar, but donuts possessing nothing like this makes them all the more unhealthy.

Heart Conditions: Ughh, such a bad choice for your heart. Just not ideal for your heart and specifically for heart patients. Being fried, it contains lots of saturated and trans fats which by all means are known to have very bad effect on the heart. A research shows that doughnuts have more trans fat than peanut butter, chocolate bars or even chips. Just a single donut can lend you trans fat for whole day but the truth people rarely eat one donut. If you start eating it once, you find it irresistible and that’s where the problem starts with. So, if I have to be concise I should quote, Say no to donut for a healthy heart.

High blood sugar levels: Doughnuts are all about sugar and sweetness. Then, how come they won’t increase your blood sugar levels. For diabetic patients, they are like deadly food, that’s obvious. But even for normal beings, they aren’t prove to be good as of sugar is concerned. If you know, a single donut contains 5 tsp. of sugar and doctors recommend maximum of 6 tsp. of sugar a day and with one donut you had your requirement of day. This can give you idea how sugary and creamy donut can lead you to a problems with your blood sugar levels and erractic glucose levels in the blood. Only, solution be mindful and so some pre-thinking before you lend out your hand for a donut.

Not a breakfast choice: Doughnut are among the most fattening breakfast choice ever. With all the unhealthy stuff, a donut poses you risk of weight gain and a bulge in your belly, which I know no one likes. Eating something so early in the morning with such a calorie content and no food value is not something that you would ideally want to commit yourself to. Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day doesn’t deserve to be started by such a thing called, doughnut. Next time, you pick up that plate of doughnut, try to be resistant and put it back.


The whole idea to convey here is that though Doughnuts are awesomely tasteful your tongue loves it, but be mindful while eating them and eat them little and occasionally, just as a snack and not as a proper food as there is no nutritional and food value attached to them. Control your cravings for donuts and try to replace them with some other healthy food altenative like creamy flavorful cup of youghurt or anything else of your liking. But if you like to munch on doughnuts all the time or most of the time, think again.

Healthy Eating. Happy Life.