Dounuts come under the category of confectionery food. These are famous throughout the world and are made in different ways. You can either make it at home or they are also available in bakeries and supermarkets and food stalls. Originally the shape of a Dounut is round with a hole in the middle. However we can also find Dounuts of different shapes with or without a hole such as ring shaped, balls, flattened spheres etc. Dounuts are basically flour dough which are deep fried and then decorated with various toppings such as chocolate, sugar etc. The two most famous types of Dounuts which we can find in the market is the original ring Dounuts and the filled Dounuts which is nothing but a simple Dounuts injected with cream and custard or other sweet filings.

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Dounuts have a vast history with different people having different opinions regarding the introduction and growth of this food item. However there is one story which many believe gives the true details regarding how dounuts had come into the picture. There used to be a Dutch sailor named Hansen Gregory who used to go for long voyages. During these journeys sometimes the other sailors along with Hansen used to get sick and medical facilities were available. Therefore Hansen’s mother Elizabeth made cakes made up of nutmeg and cinnamon which could help to reduce or cure scurvy and colds. She also used to put hazelnuts and walnuts in order to make the cake a bit crunchier. These cakes were then called oil cakes and did not have a hole in the middle. Elizabeth used to prepare in bulk for both Hansen and his fellow sailors and also end the recipe with Hansen’s cook so that he could prepare cakes for the once this stock was over. One day a storm had hit the sea and Hansen’s ship got stuck in the storm. Historians claim this event happened on 22 June 1847. In order to keep his hands free Hansen pierced one of the cakes on the ship’s steering wheel. Later when the storm had calmed down, Hansen took out the cake from the wheel and found that with a hole in the cake, it was more convenient to eat than when it did not have a hole. Hansen later ordered his cook to prepare cakes with a hole in the middle and that how dounuts came into existence. There is another story which says that the dough was cooked with a nut in the middle. Later Hansen ordered that the nut be removed and so the hole was created in the middle of the cake. The origin of the name many believed comes from the fact that Elizabeth used dough and nuts to prepare cakes for her son and so the name dounuts appeared.

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The popularity of dounuts had increased during the World War 1 when millions of homesick soldiers were served with freshly prepared dounuts by women volunteers who did their best to make them feel better. Later after the war when they returned home, this new dish was introduced among local strangers who again added to the fame and popularity of this dish. The first Dounut machine was introduced by Adolph Levitt who was a refugee from Russia who used to sell dounuts from his bakery using his machine. Many believe that Adolph himself created this machine after much encouragement from his customers. Once the machine was created, the bakery became famous as it was the only one with the facility. The machine allowed more dounuts to be produced than before and this helped Adolph to meet the demand which was always more than the supply. Many food historians claim that children used to spent long hours outside the bakery just to see how their favourite dounuts were being made and how the holes in the middle was built in. with time a lot of bakeries were established who sold their own dounuts. Even thought the basic recipe remained the same, every baker tried to bring in some change or design in order to beat the competition and have a share in the growing Dounut market. With different ways and techniques introduced the Dounut machine also went through changes and improvements with time making it more productive and reducing the cost of production.

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Dounuts are simple to make and can be made at home as well. The recipe for the same is given below

Crispy and Creamy Dounuts

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  • Add yeast and warm water and keep it for about 5 mins or until it becomes foamy.
  • Now add this yeast mixture with milk, sugar, eggs and salt and finally mix to with 2 cups of flour and mix well until the dough does not remain sticky rather become smooth and elastic in nature. Then cover the dough and place it in a warm place and allow it to rise.
  • Once the dough has risen in size transfer it to a flat surface and roll it out to ½ inch in thickness. Now cut the dough with the help of a cutter and cover loosely and leave the dounuts to rise again.
  • Now we need to prepare the glaze so in a pan melt butter and sugar and vanilla. After this keep on adding 1 tablespoon of hot water till the solution becomes thin but not watery.
  • Now heat oil on a deep fryer or a skillet and slide the dounuts into the hot oil. Ensure that the temperature of the oil should be about 350F. Fry the dounuts till they are golden brown. Once the dounuts come up to the surface and attained the desired colour remove them and dip them inside the glaze we prepared and then place them in a wire rack to drain out the excess oil and glaze.

Your Dounut is ready to be served.

Dounuts can be eaten simply or like a snack with tea. Earlier dounuts were known to people belonging to the western countries but today dounuts has become worldwide.