Muscles are every much important for the human body as they perform several essential functions such as breathing and allow us to do physical labor. Every man today wants to have a body full of muscles so that they can look attractive and powerful. Muscles burns calories and so if you are planning to build a powerful body you need to pay special attention towards the food that you eat as the consumption of right food is very important. In order to build and later maintain these muscles there are some essential nutrients which your body requires and more importantly these nutrients are only found in the animal food. For the non-vegetarian people this is not a problem as they eat flesh but the vegetarian people look around for the replacement of this option. So they go for supplements which are available in the market today. These supplements are made up of artificial ingredients which causes harm to the body if you take it regularly. So it is recommend that if you want to build muscle and maintain your body, then you should start eating meat. Hereby we are mentioning some of the nutrients which are only found in animal food i.e. meat and are essential for muscle building.




Creatine is extremely important for the body and is one of the most popular supplements used for the muscle building. If your body has adequate amount of Creatine in it, then it not only improves the mass of your muscles but also the strength. Creatine forms the energy reserve in the muscles which helps in its maintenance. The energy in the body is provided by the Adenosine Triphosphate and the cells in the body have them in limited quantity. In the process of building muscles, people perform complex and vigorous exercises and so the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate in their body is not enough to last long. Creatine provides the phosphate in the cells and helps in producing the required extra energy. Although human body produces Creatine on its own but it is not enough and you need them in your diet. All the vegetarian foods are deprived of Creatine. So you should go for the meat and other animal foods.




Carnosine is a dipeptide made with the help of the two amino acids. These amino acids are beta-alanine and histidine. Carnosine is highly popular as one of the wonderful anti-aging food supplement which stops the degenerative processes in the body and helps in maintaining the muscles. They are also required to keep your muscles in shape. When you perform intense workout the body releases lactic acid which stops the muscles from functioning normally and you experience fatigue. Carnosine is required as it helps in stopping the formation of this acid in the body by acting as a buffer. If the formation of the lactic acid is kept in check, there is no hindrance in the functioning of the muscles and you can carry out with your work with ease. This nutrient is only found in the animal food or else you will have to take supplements.


Animal Protein:


Proteins are the basic building blocks of muscles and they themselves are made up of amino acids. In total there are 21 essential amino acids required by the human body to synthesize proteins. Out of which only few of these amino acids can be produced by the body itself, rest all are provided in the diet. Those amino acids which the body cannot produce on its own are called as the essential amino acids. The best source of all these essential amino acids is animal food. Fish, meat and eggs have tremendous amount of proteins in them and they can easily compensate for the amino acids which the body requires. The proteins found in the plants lack some of the amino acid profiles and so the animal food is essential. Simply a vegetarian diet cannot provide you with the proteins that your body requires.


Vitamin D3:


Vitamin D3 is extremely essential for the human body. The proper functioning of the muscles and other body organs are very much dependent on it. There should be adequate amount of Vitamin D3 in the bloodstream. If your body is deprived of Vitamin D3, your muscles will decease and they will stop functioning properly. Although supplements are available to maintain the amount of Vitamin D3 in the body, the best source of this essential nutrient are fatty and the cod fishes. Moreover if you stay in such a place which receives less sunlight then you must start eating animal foods as the plants foods do not offers Vitamin D3.


Saturated Fats and Cholesterol:


Generally people believe that saturated fats and cholesterol are very much harmful for the human body and they are also the reasons for various dysfunctions in the body. So people opt for the low fat foods. But such food items have tendency to reduce the testosterone hormone in the body which is very much essential for muscle building and their maintenance. The testosterone hormone is required to increase the muscle mass and libido. The animal foods have large amount of saturated fats and cholesterol required for muscle building and that is why you should eat them.