Amarkantak: A natural heritage in a unique sense, this is the town where the three important rivers, Narmada, Sone and Johila emerge from, helping the dense flora and fauna Amarkantak is blessed with. The town has a charming history mentioned in the ancient Indian texts. It is believed that whoever dies in Amarkantak is assured to have a place in heaven. You may not live there, but you can definitely make a visit to this scenic, often unexplored tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh!


Bhopal:India’s 16th largest city, is also known as the ‘city of lakes’ and it should be of no surprise to you that greenery flourishes here. The forts and various monuments of national importance give away to the fact that it is situated on an 11th century site. Bhopal’s ‘paan culture’ is still very much alive and kicking. So, when you do visit this city, you have to treat yourself to many different varieties of Paan that Bhopal’s streets have to offer. These are traditions passed down generations!


Chanderi, Ashoknagar District (MP):A town that is very historically diverse and that churns out stunning silk weaves that are hard to match up to, signifies how much of the ancient skills and history has been preserved to date. Chanderi may not speak vocally, but visually it shows how much it has seen and experienced. It was an important trade route centuries ago and has been ruled by ambitious rulers that have been instrumental in shaping the city to what it is.



Eran, Sagar District (MP):Eran is a hamlet that is surrounded by the river Bina on three sides. It is a historical place which is spotted with pillars and monuments from the time when it was believed to hold a very important position. After many high profile excavations, coins that tell a tale of the bygone era have been found. The quintessential history buff would thoroughly enjoy spending time amongst the ancient ruins of Eran.


Fossil Park-Dindori.This is a 65 million year old heritage park that has fossils of plants that grew in abundance at a time when man possibly did not walk on earth. The fossil park has a lot to show you. Imprints of plants such as woody plants, leaves, flowers and seeds can be found here. This is truly a unique destination in India that deserves a visit and would definitely remain etched in your memory for a long time!


Gwalior:A historical and a major Indian city in Madhya Pradesh, it is rich in heritage, it also sports one of the most magnificent forts built in India, the Gwalior Fort. It was built by the Tomar dynasty and has Chinese influence in its architecture. The Chinese architecture signifies the time when India and China had strong ties and an important trade route. When in Gwalior, the Gwalior fort is a must visit and the views of the entire city are beautiful!


Halali, Raisen District (MP):Halali means ‘the river of slaughter’, this name was pinned onto this tributary of Betwa river, when the forces of Mohammed Khan killed the Rajput force, on the bank of the river, in turn changing the color of the river to red due to all the bloodshed. Present day, this reservoir houses important species of fish, such as catla, mrigal, rohu etc.


Indore: The largest city in Madhya Pradesh, Indore has all the needed attractions to charm you. A city which has seen development at different stages of its life, from the Mughal to the British Raj to the present day, has many architectural masterpieces with various influences to see and enjoy. Indore, also has been making progress in terms of public transport. Metro Taxi Service in this city has been hailed to be the best in the country. When visiting, do make a trip to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park and the Indore Zoo.


Jabalpur:It is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and is also known as the cultural capital of the state. This city has been ruled by 4 dynasties in the past and later on went on to be ruled by the British Raj as well. Mahatma Gandhi’s longest and most important stay has been at Jabalpur. The BehdaGhat, i.e. the Marble Rocks are a must visit tourist attraction. You could hitch a boat ride and see huge marble formations on both sides, while snaking through the river.


Khajuraho, Chhatarpur District (MP):A town that is world renowned for its medieval Hindu and Jain temples which depict erotic sculptures, has become one of the most famous tourist destination in India. These temples were built using sandstones and no mortar and are masterpieces that have to be witnessed to be believed. They all speak of a talent that has long gone but is successfully preserved in form of these majestic temples.


Lakshmana Temple, Khajuraho:A part of the Khajuraho temples, this temple is located in the western complex of Khajuraho. The Lakshmana temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built by Yashovarman, a Chandela ruler. The structure of the temple has a high platform and the architecture has all the elements of the Hindu architecture. This temple is a gem amongst many of the other temples of Khajuraho.