Food Addiction is one of the major problems with many people and no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot overcome it. With the help of the various research conducted in different parts of the world it has now been proved that people get addicted to one or the other food items and they love to eat it frequently. Although they are most likely aware that that eating these food items will harm their body but they cannot help it. This is absolutely wrong and is called as the food addiction. Are you among those people who are addicted to food? Or do you have loved ones who are very much addicted to the food items. Then you must read this article carefully and find out the measures using which you can detect the food addiction and take steps to cure it.


Defining the food addiction is quite easy. It is the scenario where the person gets addicted to the food items just as a drug addict gets addicted to the consumption of drugs. They cannot simply work properly if they are not provided with that food. Some people also term it as the eating disorders. This unhealthy and unwanted relationship with the food is very much harmful for the human body. If you have food addiction, then you must take steps to get rid of it. Mostly people have addiction with the fast food items. They simply cannot resist themselves and love to eat it regularly without considering that it may be affecting their health in a negative manner. Life is precious. You must move forward in life with utmost care and protection else you will be the one who will suffer. Mostly those food items which have wheat and sugar in them are problematic. Their excessive consumption can lead to the emotional and physical instability. Ultimately the quality of life is affected. The following are the symptoms of the food addiction.


  1. Although you are feeling full but then also you cannot stop yourself from eating any particular food item.
  2. When you are served that particular food item, you eat it excessively which is much more than you have intended to.
  3. When you know that this food item is not good for your health and yet you eat it.
  4. You have tried to stop yourself from eating a particular food item many times but every time you have failed to capitalize on it.
  5. You try to hide you eating habits from other people as you know they will scold you and ask you to stop eating it.
  6. When you find excuses so that you can eat the food item that you are carving for.


If you are among such people who experience all of the above mentioned addiction signs, then you must take serious steps immediately to get rid of your food addiction else it will be too late and your health will surely suffer. The alcohol and the drugs addictions are very much similar to the food addictions. The thought process and the consequences of all these addictions are ultimately similar. It is just that the other mentioned addictions here such as the drugs and the alcohol addictions have to face the social consequences too. But what is most important is the health condition and it should not be compromised on any cost. You may suffer from obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes among other diseases. So you must understand it quickly that the food addiction is simply ruining your life. You will not be happy when other food items are served to you, even if they are far more beneficial for the health.


More often people get addicted to the junk food as they are spicy and delicious in taste. In today’s culture you will find junk food everywhere and there is no way you can simply eliminate them completely from your lifestyle. So it is important that you understand the pros and cons so that you eat them occasionally and eating junk food does not becomes an addiction for you. To overcome a food addiction, you need proper determination and strong will power. You must be strong enough to convince yourself that eating this particular food item will affect you and your health will deteriorate. Once you have made up your mind, then it becomes easier to avoid such food. Now if you find it difficult to convince yourself then you must prepare a chart of the pros and cons if you continue eating those addicted food items. Your chart should include what all you will gain and what all you will eventually lose if you don’t stop those food items. I bet the cons column will be long enough to convince yourself and you will eventually get rid of your addiction. I know it is pretty much difficult to stop eating the food which you love but for the sake of your health and brighter future, you will have to stop eating them. Once you are confident that your addiction is over then you can start eating those food items occasionally.