So, you have been toiling for hours in the gym now in search for a hot-bod that will make everyone stand up and take notice. However, is it taking more time than you thought? Well, just increasing the time you spend in the gym stretching those muscles is not enough. What you also need along with it is a strict and healthy diet. While you need to cut out on all the extra fat, a larger intake of protein for the energy and carbs to keep the muscles strong becomes necessary for the body to keep you going and get you closer to that physique you so desire.
While everyone is aware of the instant effects of body-building supplements like Whey, Creatine and muscle-mass gainers, a lot of people don’t know about the side-effects they bring. What do you do then? Use natural food of course! With such a large variety of food items available to meet all your requirements, there is no need for a substitute at all! All you need to do is follow your diet religiously and incorporate these elements in your daily meals, and you will be surprised to see the amazing consequences. Still don’t know what to eat for your gym diet? Don’t worry my friend. Here is a list of food items that are a definite must to complement your gymming efforts:

Eggs –


One of the most important and staple food for anyone hitting the gymnasium, eggs are an excellent and unparalleled source of protein and often termed as ‘complete protein’. The egg white is the protein rich part. While the egg yolk is rich in a lot of nutrients, it should be avoided where building a body is concerned. This is because it contains more than half of the recommended intake of cholesterol per day and is also quite fattening. You wouldn’t want that, right? Simply remove the yolk and enjoy your egg raw or boiled. Also, make sure to not eat too much of it as it might have dire consequences. So, it’s time to egg it up!

Bananas –

healthy choice

Fruits in any and every form are a guaranteed source of health. Though it is good to have as many fruits as you want, not every food serves the purpose where gymming is concerned. One fruit that is leaps and bounds ahead of others in this is our beloved banana. Yes, a few bananas every day are a great way to supply essential nutrients like vitamins and soluble fiber. This is also a great alternative for vegetarians who do not eat eggs and meat for nutrition. You can have it raw, with a whole wheat bread or dissolve it in milk. Time to go bananas, eh?

Meat –


Meat is by far the most essential and best food item as a source for essential nutrients for people working out. Red meat, a different type of meat very commonly found and consumed is most rich in iron, creatine and vitamins. The most important of these is creatine, an organic compound which supplies energy to cells in different parts of the body, especially muscles. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, with so many types of red meat, you could choose something that you prefer or in simple words ‘can eat’. Some of the popular ones are chicken, fish and beef. Remember not to deep fry it as it will increase your oil intake seamlessly. Meat seems like an unfair advantage for all the non-vegetarians out there? Well, like it or not, it is true. Go on, prepare yourself some meaty meals already!

Milk and more –


Which healthy meal or diet chart is complete without something to drink? None, obviously! While there are all sorts of drinks for every purpose, nothing serves the purpose of supplying proteins and carbs like milk. One of the most widely consumed drinks by athletes and body-builders alike, milk is a staple in the everyday diet. The best part about it is that it can be consumed by everybody with different tastes; with so many flavours and types available, there is something for everyone. Low-fat milk is a real winner in serving the purpose and is readily available too. Fresh-fruit juice is also considered a healthy option. Also it goes without saying, but water (a drink nevertheless!) should also be consumed in adequate quantity throughout the day. The best part about this food item is that it can be consumed along with working out too. A sip, here and there, will really help you go that extra mile. Gulp it down!

Well buddy! I hope you have a better idea now about what to have while working out. Make sure to have all of this in the right amount every day. Also, avoid as much as oily and junk food as possible. If you do not know how much of the above mentioned food items are okay for daily consumption, consult your gym trainer or dietician right away! There is nothing that should come in the way of you and that body that you want.

Rather than just working so hard in the gym, start eating and drinking properly this very moment too, and watch your body shape up just like you want it to. All the best, mate!