Funny Cartoon - No Junk Food

Yum!… Delicious.. wow! #iwantmore! … Are words completely connected with Food. Food, really tickles our taste buds. People love food, even food love people. Eyes and tongue work hand in hand for food. Though, people are crazy out there for lovely, tasty food. But, the food habits needs to be governed. Healthy food is in all way a boon but these trending junk eatables are in no way good food. These not-so healthy exquisite appetizers are not ought to be consumed every day. Their intake must be checked. But in this technology –driven era, everything is ready in 5 minutes, just needed to be put in microwave. Is this lifestyle so nice to continue or require some attention? Yes, it does. In my sense of understanding, it is good to experience everything which we like, but it needs genuine attention also. It’s true, they are tempting, but self-control is important, dear. Otherwise, results are nasty. Everyone is familiar and well-aware of the facts of over-consumption of junk food which can be obesity, anxiety,diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, cancer etc. as they contain bad fats and usually have high contents of cholesterol, sodium, sugars, and other preservatives, emulsifiers. They generally never contain antioxidants or fibre content or good vitamins and minerals.
We are so persuaded to buy this food as they are readily available and also affordable and people buy it out of the promises, these advertisements make about the nutrition these foods provide us with, which is just an attempt to encourage customers to buy their products. They do not give any health benefits to our body and skin, but still there is never ending temptation and we fall prey to them simply because of their taste, price and ready to cook quality, ignoring their ill-effects. Because of this high consumption of processed foods in the recent years, our fat intake is increased by 20 percent along with an increase in sugar intake by 40 percent. This is the reason that there are more cases of obese children, diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis etc.
It is justified that even if you try your level best, unhealthy foods, fast foods cannot be avoided. Junk food and their advertisements are seen everywhere, from tv to our way to work and workplaces, grocery stores, from inside to outside of homes. Though, to avoid fast food completely from our routines and lifestyle is not practically possible , but atleast cravings for such junk food can be minimized by replacing them with healthier substitutes. These can be:
Sprouts: They can be the ultimate source of nutrition. The sprouted beans, nuts, legumes, grains are a great replacement of these namkeens, chips which have no nutritional value. They are rich in Proteins which make amino acids and provide energy to our body. While chips cannot provide any benefit but these sprouts are the best way to keep control on weight, having good skin, good amount of proteins with numerous other benefits .So, Go.. grab some recipes of sprouts on youtube and start living healthy!
Dark Chocolate: It is much better to consume Dark chocolate than regular bar of chocolates or milk chocolates because generally these contain high calories, sugars and saturated fats. While Dark chocolate with 80 percent cocoa content contain antioxidants, which are good for maintaining skin and healthy body. It is recommended to eat some amount of dark chocolate everyday . So, don’t forget to pick a box of dark chocolate, next time you visit your grocery store.
Lime water with honey : It is an awesome drink having all the qualities of an tasty, healthy drink . It is rich in Vitamin C with a good amount of sweetness and is perfect to prevent obesity and help flush out fats from the body and also gives good skin. Its better to drink it every morning or just consume it in place of your colas and aerated drinks which has just fizz.
Consume whole wheat , Brown bread: That white bread you pick out of habit is of no good. It just contains flour(maidaa) , while a loaf of brown bread has some good qualities of wheat , has less calories and is a healthy alternative for your stomach in comparison to the white bread

Eat Cornflakes : Breakfast is necessary, we all know that. Its better if you eat cornflakes in milk with some nuts and flax seeds and honey rather than jumping onto that milk mixers which gives artificial flavor and taste to your milk.
Drink Green tea: Green Tea, something with innumerable benefits for us. It just can’t be ignored. So before getting Tea, coffee in your hand. Go for some green tea. It is far better than having that caffeine content drink with no value and is a main cause for irritability, tooth decay, nervousness and anxiety. Green tea, rich in antioxidants is an excellent drink for heart patients and for teenagers as it maintains good skin and provide freshness. Next time, you feel the need to relax , grab a cup of green tea . It can be any, chamomile, lemon and honey, tulsi green tea. Any is better than none.
Above are enlisted some of the best foods . There’s another that is gaining popularity now-a-days which is, Organic foods. Because of their so good properties , that they are grown naturally with no use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and do not have adulteration issues. Organic farmers abide by strict standards of growing fruits and vegetables and have more food value. If eating healthy and keeping environment green and clean is your priority, then you can opt for organic foods. Also, avoiding junk food and adopting healthy lifestyle with exercise, yoga and meditation is the need of the hour if we want our future to be healthy and full of yumminess!

Good Food , Good Life. Keep eating. Keep healthy.