“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

An inspiration from this was taken by me and my friend, to exercise a daily routine of thinking out six impossible things to eat for breakfast and we both propounded the most disgusting, bizarre and seriously impossible things one could ever gulp in, forget about eating them for a meal. However, the term ‘impossible’ soon seemed problematized when a much unbelievable truth surfaced to our knowledge. Most of the food ( mostly inedible in our perspective) items that we had imagined and put forward in accordance with our morning mental exercise, to our dismay actually were beyond the scope of impossibility and they actually exist to this date!

It was this idea that triggered us to delve a bit deeper into this context and discover a list of food items that seriously are beyond our scope of consumption, however,it seems like a lot many think unlike us, as the popularity of such weird ‘delicacies’, among the people of respective tribes, intrigues me.So, here’s a list of World’s creepiest and most eccentric vivers!

*ALERT: Highly hideous, horrendous and taste-jeopardizing content. If you could survive beholding this grotesque gastronomic journey till the end, hats off to you; If you cannot…Well,goodluck!

Baby Shark Curry


A star dish of the Goan cuisine, actually deserves to be called a delicacy, owing to its popularity and its price. However, having to eat a baby shark while contemplating on your experiences of the scenes from the movie ‘Jaws’ would be quite interesting.

Eri Polu


A famed food ingredient of Assam, which is actually the eri silkworm pupa.Once the silkworm begins encaving the cocoon of eri silk, thus beginning the pupa state of its life cycle,the silk is taken out by boiling the cocoon in hot water, and this is when the ingredient,that is the leftover silkworm is brought to use. This,paired up with Khorisha,another ingredient,an aromatic exotic dish is made.

Dog Meat



Ok, if you’re one among the brigade of doggy-lovers, I’m extremely sorry to let you know of this calamity that has befallen over the dogs of Nagaland and Mizoram, who consider dog meat, a much relished part of their cuisine. It’s even disgusting to think that they could fry, grill, smoke, or cook curries out of this poor thing!

Note: The photos are extremely obnoxious, therefore I have chosen against putting them up here.

Black Rice


Deemed to be extremely healthy,it is known by many names, Magic Rice, Forbidden Rice ,Purple Rice, and Black Rice,and is a loved food preparation in Manipur .This type,only found in India and China,is black in colour when harvested,but becomes purple,when cooked.It is also enjoyed with coconut milk in Kerela.

Phan Pyut


Is anybody interested to have rotten potatoes for breakfast? Yes right rotten,it is.And, guess what,these people seriously love it to the extent that they do not harvest them when ripe, but leave them to rot, till they can use them for their beloved delicacy. These potatoes,then are pickled ,however some enjoy it raw,in the North East parts of India. And, I was under the impression, that odour of the rotten potatoes in my fridge would choke me to death (which drove me to throw them).



You’re the kind,who likes it all spicy and hot? Bomb chillies and paprika had been your best friends all this time? Then,let me take you to the next level. In a tribe in Chattisgarh,the people make a very popular chutney that they consume on a daily basis,to add an edge to their meal,it’s called Chaprah.Now, the interesting part,it’s made of red ants and their eggs,yes literally. This preparation is made,by drying the red ants,and making it’s chutney,then spices and sweeteners are added to it,and it’s good to go.Just WOW!

Black Ivory coffee

elephant_coffee    article-0-1664776C000005DC-516_634x492

A coffee that’s the world’s most expensive, about at $1,1000 per kilogram, is made from beans that are eaten by Thai elephants and then plucked from their dung! Yuck!

Fried Frog Legs


A Lepcha(Sikkim) tribe delicacy,it is said to be very healthy. However healthy it might be but,gulping in fried legs of the amphibian would seriously be a trest,isn’t it?

Chicken Blood N Pig Intestines Soup

Raw blood dish is displayed with cooked entrails at a restaurant in Hanoi

Time for some bowl-full of real Halloween red soup that is made out of the blood of chicken and pig intestines.Jadoh is the name of this hideous soup that is consumed by the Jaintia tribe of North East.And yep,they even cook it with rice!

 Stir fried Tarantula


If spiders had been your greatest fear, then you ought to try this! In Cambodia, this stuff is literally sold on streets.Imagine biting on their eight stir fried legs?!

Snake wine


Love anything scaly? How about try some slithery, pungent, exotic snake wine? A super expensive and popular beverage, snake wine is eulogized to possess restorative qualities and is widely consumed in countries like China and Vietnam. It is prepared in two ways, either by macerating a real snake in rice wine or by simply blending in the bodily fluids of a snake, such as is blood, along with the alcohol. Seriously Whoa!

Urine-soaked eggs

tumblr_m1sejbmzxp1qdei8m       enhanced-buzz-wide-32656-1333041054-18-640x458

Yes,no need to twitch your eyes repeatedly,you read it right.So,to end with the gruesome venture,I bring here upon the declaration of the most unpalatable,obnoxious and odious food item ever,the Urine-soaked eggs,popularly known as Tong Zi Dan,which literally means Virgin Boy Eggs . Prepared in Dongyang County which is in the eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, this delicacy is universally acclaimed. For this,vendors,early in the morning traverse the streets to the elementary schools,to collect the urine of young boys. It is then,that they soak the eggs in the urine overnight ,so that it can absorb the unmistakably pungent smell. And,the next day,happy customers barge into the stalls to stuff their bags with these eggs,that promise a radiated energy and prevention from ill- health. Well, despite its ‘believed’ medicinal value,would you ever afford to experience it’s taste?

My quest, hasn’t yet come to an end, though a temporary halt is imperative. Myths of sautéed cockroaches and lizards, kebabed monkey-heads and many more have started to flicker into the realm of reality. Though I am not sure, if in near future I would ever be brave enough to get a taste of these vivers, however, if chance permits, an experience of witnessing these, would surely be intriguing!