Running is one of the best workouts for us. If you are looking for a cardio exercise to control your weight, go running. If you are looking for a workout to get rid of lifestyle diseases, go running. Well, there are other types of workouts too, and you must be thinking why am i stressing on running out of all the exercises. This is because in the fast- paced lives as ours today, everything is preferred to be short and sweet with excellent results. And running is something that, if done merely for 15 minutes per day, will help you as equally as a one hour long aerobics or yoga session.

Running is a handy exercise. You just need o put your shoes on and find a track to run, that might be a simple road, a jogging trail or even a treadmill, for that matter. And the most important aspect about running is the kind of food you eat. Yes !! Runners have special nutritional needs, even if you are doing it for losing weight. Runners need to constantly maintain their energy throughout the day, repair their muscles and joints by proper lubrication, and all this can be done if they eat food that can perform these tasks in their bodies.

So here are some of the foods that runners should definitely have in the grocery list :-




Bananas are packed with instant energy boosters, i.e. , carbohydrates and are among the best pre-workout foods for runners. They are loaded with potassium which makes them even more desirable as potassium regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke specially in people who suffer from heart problems. This banana restores the level of potassium in the body that is lost while sweating during exercise. Moreover, the softness and lightness in texture and taste makes it easier to consume even with pre-running nerves.




The colorful substances that are responsible for the blue color of the blueberries, the deep purple color of the blackberries and rich red color of raspberries are a powerful group of antioxidants called anthocyanins, which provide a host of health benefits ranging from maintaining healthy blood vessels to prevention of cancer. They are one of the ideal foods for runners, as they prevent muscle soreness and strength loss due to the presence of vitamin c and potassium. Frozen berries are just as good as fresh ones, in fact they can be stored for a long time and can be consumed as and when required. Berries can be used as a part of smoothie, can be added to yogurt or oatmeal an consumed as a great treat.


low fat yogurt

Low fat yogurt:

Running an definitely improve your bone density, provided that its coupled with calcium. And there’s nothing like a bowl of low-fat yogurt for your daily calcium intake. In addition to this, yogurt has special milk proteins, that are important for building and repairing muscles after the tough run. It is also abode to millions of healthy bacteria which help our digestive tract to be in a proper shape and prevents inflammation and soreness. Yogurt can be used a part of smoothie, as a salad dressing, or can be topped with fruits and granola for a tastier bite.




Salmon is the king of fishes, nutritionally. In addition to being an excellent source of high-quality protein, they are loaded with omega-3-fatty acids, which, unfortunately  are sorely deficient in our diet otherwise. Omega-3-fatty acids not only boost the heart’s health by creating more elastic blood vessels, but also improve nervous system functioning. They also help  to balance the body’s inflammation response, and fend off diseases. It can be eaten baked, grilled or poached with fresh herbs and citrus zest. It is also great in salads, pasta, soups or as a topping of a pizza.


whole grain pasta

Whole grain pasta:

Pasta is a wonderful food for runners as it restocks the spent glycogen stores, and whole grain pasta is even better because of its digestible carbs, and more fiber that fills you up, and vitamin d that is crucial to energy metabolism, and other disease fighting compounds. Some really good varieties even contain the much needed omega-3-fatty acids. Pasta is great when tossed with veggies, meat, seafood or tofu, as it makes a great one-pot meal.




Eggs are known as the body building foods due to their protein-rich content. One egg fulfills 10 per cent of your daily protein need. They contain all the proteins that muscles need to promote repair and recovery and to cure soreness. In addition, eggs are good for your eyes, brain and heart. Eggs are great anytime, whether boiled, poached, scrambled  or as a part of sandwiches, toasts or wraps.



So these were some of the foods that must be there in your kitchen if you are planning on a running regime or are already an active runner. Incorporating these foods in your diet, will not only keep your muscles and joints in good shape, but also keep you active to continue the workout for days ahead. So, ‘spark up’ the energy plug in your body and go running !!