The negative impacts of redefined sugar have been too many to count but this does not imply that anything that is ‘sweet’ is harmful. There are numerous natural alternatives of redefined sugar which can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and the cute little honeybee! These do not have any sort of poor effect on one’s health and rather provide nourishing nutrients to the body.

Honey has been in use since more than four thousand years. Produced from the nectar of the flowers by the bees, this golden elixir has served the mankind since ancient days. In the olden Egyptian times, it was used to heal the wounds. Honey boasts of a superpower, it can be kept for an indefinitely long period of time without it getting spoiled. The Romans and the Greeks used to honey to treat eye and skin related problems.

Following are some wonders that honey does for our health:

1. Gives the immune system a boost

Raw and organic honey is full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These components of honey help your body fight away the harmful bacteria.
When you are suffering from cold, or have a cough or a sore throat, how often have you heard your mother say, “Take a tea spoon of honey, you’ll be good!” I have heard it a lot of times and trust me, it totally works. Honey is useful in clearing out your throat.
Regularly having honey mixed in warm water boosts up the immune system.

2. Decreases the risk of a heart-disease

Honey in combination with cinnamon revitalizes the veins and arteries of the heart. It also reduces the cholesterol level by 10%. This combo of honey and cinnamon is a boon for the heart patients as it reduces the risk of a heart attack, when taken on a regular basis.

3. Ups the energy levels

Honey provides the right amount of calories and energy to keep your body going. It gives an instant energy boost to the body. Athletes constantly have sports drinks for increasing their energy levels. They might provide instant energy but obviously have negative effects on the body in the long run. It has been proven that adding honey to the drinking water and consuming it during important events is as good as any energy drink you find in the market. How often do you find yourself suddenly craving for something sweet? Next time when you are in such a dilemma to choose between coffee and chocolate, instead go for the natural dose of sweetness, honey.

4. Treats indigestion

Are you the type of person to suffer from indigestion frequently? Well, honey is the best medicine for you. It is helpful in preventing acid reflux. It has certain antiseptic properties which help in relieving acidity in the stomach. It also neutralizes gases.
If you have had too much to eat, drink up a warm glass of water with added lemon juice and honey.

5. Helps you lose weight

The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning should surely be drinking a combo of warm water, lemon juice and honey in an empty stomach. It is a proven technique which helps in weight loss. It is the best possible detox solution. It cleanses the liver and removes fat and toxins from the body. The same combination can be consumed just before sleeping as well.


6. Clears up the skin

Looking for a new skincare product? Why don’t you try out some organic honey? It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which moisturize the skin. Apply a dab of honey on your pimples and blemishes and leave it overnight. Wake up with a glowing and radiating skin! It prevents wrinkles and dryness. It gives your skin the kind of natural glow that no skin care brand can provide.

Honey Pack

7. Reduces dandruff and scalp related problems

Honey can be diluted in warm water and applied to the problem areas and left on for three hours. It can later be rinsed with warm water. This relieves the constant itching in the scalp reduces scaling as well. It also helps in reducing hair loss to a great extent. I don’t need a new shampoo saying, ‘100% guarantee of no dandruff’ because I have the remedy at home!

8. Metabolizes alcohol

Have you had a little too many to drink? Vodka and whiskey all around you? It has been medically proven that an oral intake of honey would reduce alcohol blood levels, increase the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, and thus would limit intoxication. Raise your hands for honey shots now!

9. Helps treat wounds and burns

Since ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman times, honey has been effectively and extensively used in the treatment of wounds and burns. Thousands of years later, honey is still being used for the same. Many studies have been carried out that conform these abilities of honey. Application of honey makes the wound sterile. It can either be directly applied on to the wound or burn or can be applied in the form of a dressing which should be changed on a regular basis.

Honey helps in treating seasonal infections. It boosts up the memory. And to add to its endless uses, possesses an extremely enchanting taste! Its soft and lustrous texture plays inside your mouth. Remember its uses, apply them in your day-to-day life and notice the difference.