With summers on their peak,sweaty brows, wrinkly and soaked collars and sleeves,it is but obvious that all activity slows down. The most blissful thing to do is relax in a cool room sipping a cool beverage.But well yes,this is the season of gross negligence towards one’s health as well.Your selective participation in the daily work(read as lazy attitude) in the summers has to be taken care of.Undoubtedly it sounds like an ordeal but what are a few precautionary measures and lifestyle changes to keep yourself from bloating or falling ill?After all health is wealth.So here is a way out of this vicious cycle of summer laziness.All you have to do is SINCERELY follow the given 10 steps :

1)Water:with an optimum intake of at least seven to eight liters of water each day,it would do absolute wonders to flush out the impurities from your system.Improves your digestion,prevents water retention,facilitates production and flow of blood and keeps the excessive fat(the water soluble kinds) from getting stored.A glass every morning with a slice of lemon can also work up wonders in clearing your system,and whats more,the lemon helps in cutting out fat.You may add honey(about a teaspoon or even less) if required though sugar is an absolute no no in the morning water and lemon  intake.P.S.I know  its hard to have warm water in such blistering summers,so you may replace it with water at room temperature for the first glass of lemon and water each morning.


2)Watermelon the wonder melon:to start with  IT IS NOT A FRUIT,ITS A VEGETABLE,that  too from the family of squashes and gourds.It contains about 92% water content,8% roughage and 0% fat,yes absolutely no fat,at all.Everything in it is edible be it the seeds the center or the rind.It has ample amounts of Lycopene (known to prevent heart attacks)hence ideal for heart patients  for prevention of heart attacks or cardiac arrests due to the blistering heat.An excellent way to keep yourself hydrated,its slices  can also be used to clear  dead skin .Extremely healthy,filling and good for the gut and the face,you must make full use of this summer boon.Watermelon shakes and smoothies even cocktails are a good way to beat the heat.


3)Black gram and soya bean Sprouts:source of pure protein,almost fat free with bare minimum amount of calories are an apt way to keep healthy.Just boil them or saute them,or have them right after a good wash soak, put some salt and pepper to taste ,garnish with mint leaves and onion sliced and chopped fine.You may add some chutney to soothe the taste buds .Thin ginger slices with a few drops of lemon (tomatoes,radish are and cucumbers are optional) recommended as garnish as well,since they also help cut out the excess fat.

4)Almonds:A marvelous source of natural oils required by the body,almonds are an excellent way to bust that craving.In fact since its summers,you can soak up some almonds every night in a cup full of water and peel of its skin  and eat every morning.Intake of at least seven almonds(preferably soaked in water to cool of the heat increasing factor) also boosts your memory and improves skin texture.Now here we are talking of all round care!Just in case you are not really fond of having it plain,you may grind them with elaichi (green cardamom)seeds and use it as an addition to cold milk .By hook or crook,almonds are a must.


5)Mattha:the good old mattha comes to save you from a heaty summer day!So take some curd and water and churn it up with salt to taste and add some jeera(cumin seeds) powder ,and viola! here is your wonder beverage!It saves you from the effects of excessive heat,keeps you full and helps you in weight loss.You can also garnish this with crushed ginger and mint leaves.An apt beverage for all meals,mattha is the in thing to bust some fat.

6)Have small meals at short intervals.By reducing your portions and eating at intervals of  two hours or so helps you keep a check on overeating.Using a smaller plate to eat from can also psychologically help you in reducing your meal size.Do so  in a methodical manner by reducing the amount of food each time you  eat.Eg.you may start with two servings  of rice  and the next day you can reduce it to around one and a half serving.This ways you will also save yourself from the so called ‘dieting’ that requires you to not eat at all.

7)Avoid fried food as much as you can.An occasional intake is allowed from time to time ,like once every week but try restraining yourself.It would be better if you replace your regular cooking oil with olive oil,which is a healthier option as it poses no cholesterol related threats and is rather fat free as compared to other oils and cooking mediums.

8)Cold drinks and aerated drinks have to be avoided as far as possible,they dehydrate you and contain huge amounts of caffeine  and sugar. Not only they deteriorate  your teeth enamel (the outermost layer that protects your teeth) but is also highly acidic in nature when compared to the natural acids secreted by the lining of your stomach and  gut.It messes up the chemical balance of your natural systems.

9)Include as many green vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet.Going for packed goods and ready to eat products has to be minimized.

10)Try having a dessert as a complete meal in itself instead of having it after a meal.This will drastically reduce your chances of overeating.And yes ,try at all instances not to go overboard with the sweet dish.A serving or two should be it.


P.S:try some yoga or brisk walking each day to make your efforts even more fruitful.


Follow these steps ,stick to them at all instances,each moment and each day.STAY HEALTHY, STAY WEALTHY!