Eggs are excellent source of vitamins which helps the body in functioning appropriately and so doctors often recommend people to start eating egg regularly. Not only vitamins, eggs are also rich in essential nutrients which are very much required for the proper growth and development of the human body. You should daily eat eggs to stay healthy. Some people just eliminate the yellow yolk which is present inside the egg and eat only the outer whitish portion. This is not a good as the yolk is the only one which provides the essential fats, vitamins and nutrients to the human body. But that does not mean that the whitish portion of the egg is not important. They provide the proteins to the body.


A normal large egg contains the following: Selenium (22 % of the RDA), Vitamin A (6 % of the RDA), Vitamin B5 (7 % of the RDA), Vitamin 2 (15 % of the RDA), Vitamin B12 (9 % of the RDA), Vitamin E, iron, Folate, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and many others essential nutrients. Just imagine a single eggs is how much beneficial. If you eat eggs regularly then you are surely not going to get deficiency of any of the above mentioned vitamins and minerals. Further a single large egg also has 77 calories, carbohydrates and 5 grams each of fats and proteins.


Much people are not aware of the Choline, which is a very important nutrient considering the fact that it is responsible for the growth of the brain. It is often named with the B-complex vitamins. Egg is a tremendous source of Choline. This nutrient is required for various metabolism processes that go inside a human body. The synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is only possible if the body has adequate amount of Choline in it. If your body is deficit of Choline, then you are prone to cardiovascular and liver diseases. Also there are chances that you may suffer from neurological disorders. All these can be avoided if you eat egg as one egg contains about 113 mg of Choline. So go for it and stay away from these life threatening diseases.


One egg has about 212 mg of cholesterol in it, so often people have this doubt in their mind that it will affect their body in negative way. In a human body it is the responsibility of the liver to maintain the amount of cholesterol. If you consume less cholesterol food then liver compensates for it and if you are eating foods such as eggs which are rich in cholesterol, then liver produces less cholesterol. One of the biggest advantages of eating egg is that it raises the level of the HDL cholesterol which is very much required by the body and reduces the LDL cholesterol which is responsible for the various diseases that occurs in the body. This will in turn helps in keeping the cardiovascular disease away from you.


We have not mentioned about the antioxidants which are present in the egg so far. So let me tell you egg is a wonderful food item which has two most essential antioxidants required by the human body and they are Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Both of them are present in the yolk of the egg and are excellent for the proper functioning of the eyes. In the recent times cataracts is one such disease because of which many people have lost their eyesight. These antioxidants which we have mentioned here reduce the risk of cataract by providing power and stamina to the eyes.


You must have read it in your books that proteins are must for the human body as they are considered as to be the building blocks and performs several work in the human body which is very essential for its proper growth. There are 21 amino acids which the human body requires and out of these 21, there are quite a few which the body cannot produce on its own and so the protein rich foods are eaten to compensate for them. Egg provides all those amino acids which the body requires. In short if you want to stay healthy, then continue eating eggs regularly.


If you daily eat eggs in your breakfast then it can help you in losing your body fat and you can easily become fit and slim. When measured on the Satiety scale, an egg gets a reading of 19 which is quite high. This proves that eggs helps in shedding weight and improving the body mass index by a whopping 61 percent. If you have obesity problem and you do not eat eggs then this is one such food item which you should start eating. With so many health benefits that it provides and considering the fact that it is easily available and pocket friendly food item, one should include eggs in their diet chart. Moreover there are so many egg recipes available, so just try them and stay protected.