Basil leaves, a.k.a Tulsi is regarded as a holy plant in Indian culture. This medicinal plant is literally worshipped and you can see it planted at the entrance or in front of almost every Indian household and is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition. It is well known for its amazing healing power and medicinal properties and is the principal herb in Ayurveda. It is of great significance in Indian culture and tradition and has a sacred place in Indian homes.In Hindu mythology, tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu and is ceremonially married to Lord Vishnu on the 11th day of Kartikka in the lunar calendar and this ritual is called ‘Tulsi Vivah’. The scientific or botanical name of this aromatic plant is Ocimum sanctum. Tulsi is something, that is a gift to mankind. It has benefits that go so on and on, just innumerable and infinite. The nutritional and pharmacological properties of tulsi has been traditionally used since ages for different purposes.

Tulsi, no doubt, is an Elixir to life. Even having religious significance, the medicinal importance of this herb can’t be undermined. Having an stringent taste, strong aroma, tulsi has variable curative benefits as it promotes longevity and has remedial effects over many diseases. If you go through the benefits of this culinary herb Basil, you will find yourself be acquainted with the perks of tulsi and why you should increase the use and be disease free by the use of the tulsi leaves regularly;


Treatment in cold, flu and sore throat: The basil leaves are highly efficient in treating cold, asthma, flu and sore throat caused due to infections. Especially, during rain season when many diseases like malaria, dengue are prevalent, basil leaves are used to treat them as a home remedy. Just chewing some tulsi leaves can treat the cold, flu or blocked nose and relieve the affected person. Boiling few leaves in hot water with cloves can relieve the sore throat.

Cures fever: Tulsi is well known for its treatment for fever due to its anti-microbial properties. It is effective in bringing down the temperature of body suffering from fever and also protects the individual from dengue or malaria type fevers. Tulsi leaves boiled in water with honey, turmeric are effective in treating fever and are suitable for both children and adults. Tulsi is having unique chemistry and unique blend of so many nutrients and antioxidants, the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immunity-enhancing properties of tulsi helps in curing fever.

Relieves stress: The holy basil really contributes in relieving stress. This herb actually helps in refreshing and rejuvenating the person’s mind and relaxes the body. It helps in calming the mind and restoring person’s good health when exposed to extreme stress. Stress, which is a leading cause of many diseases can be relieved through the use of tulsi.

Anti-ageing effects: Due to the presence of anti-oxidants in tulsi, it has anti-ageing effects on the skin. Because of its properties, it prevents the body from damages caused due to free radicals, which delays the ageing process and appearance of wrinkles and other signs. With age, Tulsi links the mind, body and spirit and supports your body in many ways. The leaf has adaptogen properties, which soothes the nerves and improves the blood circulation. It is always better to consume tulsi rather than using so expensive anti-ageing beauty products.

Good for skincare and haircare: Basil leaves are really good for the maintenance of healthy and glowing skin and for the long, shining hair. It has powerful purifying and antioxidant properties, So, when basil leaves are eaten raw, they purify the blood and give you clear and glowing skin. Tulsi can even treat many skin allergies and disorders and acne prone skin. Eating it raw or making a paste or face pack can be really effective for a good skin.

Protects against Cancer: Having so many curative properties, being anti-fungal, it protects against cancer. Because it is antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic, tulsi is found to stop the increase of cancer cells in the body. This is because it has compounds which stops the blood flow to the tumor by attacking the blood vessels supplying it. If cancer patients have the extract of tulsi or its juice everyday, it can be effective in their treatment.

Reduces risk of Heart disease: The powerful antioxidant component called Eugenol in tulsi protects the heart against srokes and heart diseases. Also, this component checks the blood pressure and keep it in control and even balance the cholesterol levels in person’s body. Simply, chewing few leaves of tulsi every morning in an empty stomach can keep many heart ailments at bay and keeps your heart healthy.


Tulsi, the Holy Basil is certainly principle of herbs and its remedial properties and religious concerns in India has made it so popular that every household has it or if any kitchen doesn’t have tulsi, it seems incomplete without it. Tulsi, no doubt, is of great importance in every house and with so many health benefits, it is truly an elixir for human body. Make it a habit to chew some leaves raw or include tulsi in some way in your daily life for a healthy living. Worship it and eat it too.

Happy Eating. Happy life.