Delhi Heights.
The size of a quarter plate,the width of about two and half inch,this giant burger called the juicy Lucy, stuffed with chicken,lettuce,fresh tomatoes and with an excess amount of cheese is probably the most loaded of all burgers available in India.The serving portions at the Cafe Delhi Heights are absolutely colossal and the taste and quality undoubtedly do take every possible measure to match the stature.A must eat on any visit to Cafe Delhi heights,the juicy Lucy comes across the most mind blowing of all things on its menu .

SUGGESTION:if you do not have much of an appetite ,go empty stomach,because finishing this Goliath of a burger is not David’s play{at least not with a full stomach,one may conquer this humongous portion with an empty tummy}. For those with a really healthy appetite,you shall definitely find yourself satiated (and stuffed). Putting aside the unputdownable matter of size and huge portions,and coming to the taste,the crispy double layered chicken patty with a molten center of cheese,crispy fresh lettuce and tomatoes,doused with mayonnaise and mustard sauce(optional) and cheese slices,soft burger buns that envelopes this entire wonder served with extra veggies on the side( to tone down the cheese effect).Bursts of flavor ,oozing cheese ,crispy patty and veggies in each bite,fill your mouth and surround your tongue in a scrumptious dance of taste.Bite after bite ,it satiates your appetite and as t dissolves on your tongue it keeps on swaying you back and forth on its savory swing.They have undoubtedly named this burger in the most apt fashion, “The Juicy Lucy” .


To add to the experience here comes the Banta soda ‘bottled’ up in a vessel that actually looks like a medium sized pickle jar ,a cool and refreshing drink with lemon slices and mint leaves floating in it,providing all the more for the thirst quenching factor.Depending on whether you opt for sweet,salted or mix soda,the taste varies yet they all are equivalently refreshing and quenching.A personal favorite ,the mix Banta Soda gives you the best of both worlds,and is an ideal beverage to accompany your food.Alert!cheese lovers ,here comes the open chicken burger,the ‘cheesiest’ of all burgers you may ever see,the specialty of this burger is that the buns are inverted and the stuffing is actually the topping.The most generous and extravagant amount of cheese and chicken in the most overwhelming of all preparations is set to stuff your stomach right up .The word huge itself finds a new meaning in the open chicken and cheese burger.It is the DEVIL of all cheese burgers,and after having this,eating even a single speck of food seems to be a task,an ordeal you shall find comparable to putting back the toothpaste you squeezed back inside the tube.a competitor of Juicy Lucy,the open chicken and cheese burger gives it a tough run in matters of quantity,though the taste of Juicy Lucy is any day more preferred than such an excessive dose of cheese and butter.


A statuary warning to people with cholesterol issues,and those trying to watch their calories,DO NOT even think of having a single bite from the open chicken and cheese burger!It can severely and majorly jeopardize your calorie,fat and cholesterol intake!For those looking for a good way to pamper their tastebuds,you have chosen rightly to eat at the cafe Delhi heights.and by ordering the Juicy Lucy with the banta soda,you have opted excellently.For the cheese lovers,the open chicken and cheeseburger is the ultimate form of spoiling yourself and pampering that knack of having cheese,ideal for those who can afford it health wise.With an appreciable set up and decor,this place is indeed one of the most sought after places by many and especially by youngsters for its energetic vibe,food and booze


As far as my experience goes,I have been only to the outlet in Gurgaon,though about one thing I am really sure about is that,people do have to line up to gain entry in this trendy place.With a friendly staff and a good service this place indeed is the hub of the feel good factor with the most pampering of all dishes.They offer the most simple of all dishes easily available on the streets with a very interesting makeover that is set to please your palate.Other than that,the pastas,the Lebanese dishes and other choices from the food variants are much appreciable.


Though in the list of must haves the Juicy Lucy tops the list.The show-stopper is absolutely worth every penny that you spend.And just in case you are worried about your capacity,here is the good news,you can always share it with a friend or your better half,it shall always provide for filling both your’s and the other person’s stomach without fail.Standing true to the big heart India possesses,to the larger than life motto that drives every Dilli wala and wali,Cafe Delhi Heights puts forth the humongous portions,be it food ,be it drinks ,offering amazing quality,service and the time of our lives on a plate.BON APPETITE!