The Kathi roll is perhaps the most famous street food item  the city of Kolkata has produced. Referred to as the Kolkata wrap, it is a truly delicious item savored with much gusto. Essentially, it is a paratha prepared thicker than usual with a scrumptious filling consisting of paneer, chicken, egg or mutton. Offering wide variants to suit the taste buds of every individual, the Kathi roll is a perfect example of food customization at its best. What makes the Kathi roll truly special is the preparation that goes behind it. The kebabs are grilled over a sigri making the kebabs soft, moist and scrumptious.

The parathas are cooked with more oil than usual while the quantity of spices varies from place to place. Every Kathi roll connoisseur knows their preference of filling and instructs the cook accordingly. With a slight tinge of the charcoal aroma, the Kathi roll delights the senses and compels people to return for more despite the humid weather of Kolkata. Now there are many locations across the city where you can indulge in delicious rolls, but this article will attempt to make things easier for you by naming the best places that serve rolls. Like much in life, taste is individual and thus disagreements in where you get the best rolls may stem up, which is why it would be ideal for you to explore the city and find the magnificence that food can lend to a place. Besides the food, take in the experience of the city and make the most of your time here.


Having been given life within the renowned walls of the Nizam Restaurant in Kolkata, the Kathi Roll emerged as Kolkata’s favourite street food item. Having stiff competition with kebabs, parathas and other Mughlai delicacies, there is speculation regarding the origins of the Kathi Roll. Offering variations to suit the imaginations of a number of people, it is safe to say that at some point, someone came up with the idea of rolling up kebabs.

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The Kathi roll derives its name from the practice of using bamboo skewers, instead of the common iron skewers, to make kebabs. At first Nizam used iron skewers, like every other restaurant, but opted for bamboo skewers owing to its weight and availability. The Bengali word ‘Kati’ refers to stick and so the name stuck. In the present day, anything stuffing wrapped in a paratha can be considered a Kathi Roll. The Kathi Roll serves as a truly versatile street food item, offering a wide variety of stuffing to suit your taste buds. The variations however, are restricted to the stuffing and the wrap.

Known as Kathi Kebab roll in western India, Frankie roll in southern and eastern India and Roti Roll in Northern India, the Kathi roll has really cemented its position in the heart of food lovers across the country. The number of variations we come across in the Kathi roll is truly astounding. Chilli chicken and Paneer variants have become extremely popular.

Now Kolkata is no stranger to die hard foodies. Widely recognized as the cultural hub of the country, Kolkata does not disappoint when it comes to food. There is a food stall around every corner it seems with a wide array of delicacies to choose from. Food really is the center of all matters here, whether of the mind or the heart. When in Kolkata, it becomes necessary to taste the beauty of the Kathi Roll and thus to make things even simpler, here’s a list of places to visit for your street food fix.


Zeeshan at Park Circus offers perhaps the best Kathi Roll with a sense of old school Kolkata. The busy streets capture the essence of a city bustling with activity.  It comes as no surprise that Zeeshan capitalized on this Kolkata wrap to attract more customers. People are always on the move and the Kathi roll serves as the best food item for people on-the-go. Walking on this busy street, I’ve often observed the delightful smiles of people totally immersed in their roll.


Park street comes to mind as another favored foodie destination. There are a number of outlets offering a quick roll. Perhaps the most famous of these outlets is Kusum to which all consumers rush to. Park street is an experience to witness the old world charm of Kolkata. Home to some of the oldest buildings in the city, it acts as a melting pot for the old and new. One can spot a number of people taking a break from their hectic lives to enjoy a quick snack. It is in such an atmosphere that encourages the triumph of the Kathi Roll as the king of Kolkata street food.

Located rather close to Park street, Saima’s Dhaba at Russell Street is another famous eating house offering rolls people could kill for. People throng to this location with much enthusiasm. Russell Street does not just offer rolls, people can indulge themselves with a variety of street food items to choose from.

The beauty of the Kathi roll really shines through due to its diversity. Even though people have their own preferences, each eatery offers a different experience. Being located near offices also helps with people looking for breaks, hungry for some sinful treats. Walking across these outlets, you will always find someone licking their fingers in bliss while clutching a Kathi roll. The Kathi roll though enjoyed with company, offers a truly individualistic experience. You can simply block out the world, as witnessed many times, and indulge your senses in, what has been considered since its inception, a fantastic display of tasteful bliss. The Kathi roll is Kolkata’s favourite street food item for a reason and has stood the test of time and changing tastes. Be sure to catch up on this experience when in the city and you will not be disappointed.