Yes, I know eating anything without getting worried about gaining weight is like an unaccomplished dream for many. It is natural if you are body shape conscious, you will obviously consider how many fat and calories you are taking in. The obesity outbreak has reached everywhere and people are trying hard to apply course of action to control their sweet tooth and other food cravings. But if I say you can enjoy food without increasing your kilos and still lose weight while eating what you fancy, you will be delighted, no?! Well, get ready to know some easy, quick, in-control ways to enjoy eating and reclaim your waistline without worrying about it so much.

This is like a challenge which almost every food lovers face; how to enjoy all the delicious things which the world has to offer and still maintain a lean body shape.
When was the last time you enjoyed freely that utterly flavorful Biryani or that plate of dessert or cookies? Don’t feel bad if you can’t recall even a single time, it happens in today’s fitness conscious world. But what if you could indulge in your favorite foods without a single thought for how many calories, grams of fats they contain, and still lose weight? La Flamme says, that if you’re overweight,”there’s a good chance that you’re pleasure deprived and have been using food as a fast and easy substitute for play, joy and sensuality.” Stress may also be the cause of more and more eating. They say that people often reach out for unhealthy, alluring foods when they are stressed, sad. So it is really important to find the root cause of that stress and sadness, which needs to be tackled first. To use pleasure and contentment as a weight-loss tool; enjoy food more while eating less and acknowledge when a non-edible food of joy, be it chatting with friends or playing with that little cute baby, will pacify your soul more than that another helping of dessert. And when you’re at it, forget you have ever heard of the concept of calories. Just enjoy it from the heart and cherish it.


Slow down and enjoy every bite to the full: It is recommended by many weight-loss experts to slow down while eating. Eating slowly has many benefits, so be mindful while eating. The reason behind it is that when we eat quickly, we tend to overeat, not because we’re hungry, but because we don’t feel satisfied even when we’re done. The importance of yoga, exercise and eating mindfully is always emphasized. Slowing down helps you to recognize when your joy in the food is diminishing and gives your body time to send those signals to brain and recognize them.

Find contentment in everything you do and have: You can combat stress and as well eat less when you find happiness and gratification in almost everything you do, you have and whatever you indulge and participate in. Be it that relaxing massage, or morning cup of coffee or tea, a warm bubble bath, the fresh scent of lavender, a soft, silky dress, luscious ripe strawberries, rich dark chocolate, warm sunshine on your skin, your favorite work of art, laughter shared with bestfriends, the sound of rain hitting the roof. Be it anything you like and enjoy. This way it helps a lot in keeping off your mind from food, and you will feel happy, joyful and amused altogether.
Eat what makes you feel good: Try to consume all those things which turns you into a positive good mood and sometimes, that quick mood boost and upliftment can be your favorite treat, if eaten mindfully. But a pleasure based diet should not mean munching on pastries, chips or cookies. Just one piece can make you happy, rather two will give you stomachache. Control these over indulgence and sweet tooth cravings, and eat mindfully, it will help. Don’t make food your pastime. You may be shocked to find that the foods that give you so much pleasure are actually good for you, like a slice of juicy watermelon or a piece of fresh fish or corns or the juicy fruits. Here, the essence lies in mindful eating, which leads to happy and healthy diet. Also, we are much conscious of our food choices in mindful eating. When we pay attention to what’s on our plate, without any distractions to tv, work, computer, we tend to enjoy food better and feel satisfied much sooner and that is the key.
Amplify your bliss: To boost your bliss, there are some surprising ways, which starts through creating a list of the feelings and sensations; taste, sights, scents and sounds that give you a happiness hit. Taste; Researches show that the biggest fulfillment and buzz of joy comes from an unhealthy combination of sweet and fat stuff, but nutritious food can also be a source of joy. Aroma; The scent of food which is appealing seems pleasurable too. Try to avoid it. Sight; When you gaze at pieces that are beautiful, there are signs of being delighted. So, the alternative can be; visit art galleries and surround yourself with home décor that pleases the eye. Sound; Just listening to soothing, relaxing music releases dopamine in the brain, which gives you relaxing feeling and thoughts. The more pleasure you feel, less you will reach out to unhealthy substitutes of food.
If you work these alternatives in your life on a regular basis, you’ll be less likely to reach out for appealing, alluring unhealthy foods to make you feel good and when you’re craving a muffin or cookies or Moong dal Halwa; you’ll have a plenty of guilt-free, full of content and pleasure giving alternatives. So, be mindful while eating and pamper yourself with slender waistline.

Mindful eating. Happy Life.