With today’s rat race at full speed, stress has become an unavoidable part of everybody’s life. Be it a businessman or a salaried employee or even a housekeeper, this evil troubles everyone alike. It is more than essential to combat stress before it breaks you down from within. There are few simple yet effective ways in which you can easily fight stress and keep your smiles in place. Here they go-

  1. Identify-

    Identification of the reasons of your stress is the primary requirement for combat.

  2. Avoid someone-

    This is the most fundamental measure if your reason for stress is people. Just avoid them, simple!

  3. Avoid some things-

    there are various things whose vision itself can stress you out. Put out those things from your life.

  4. Deny-

    You know your limit to work without stress. Deny work that goes off limits.

  5. Compulsory? –

    Ask this question to yourself if you find yourselves overburdened after analysis of your routine. If the answer is no, you know what alterations to make!

  6. Extrovert-

    Express what’s on your mind. It is often not possible for people around you to know what actions trouble you. If they get an idea of your problems, they are less likely to trouble you unknowingly.

  7. Time-management-

    Managing your schedule is the key to a happy life. Keeping a throat tight schedule not only tires you mentally and physically but also reduces your efficiency towards all tasks.

  8. Rest-

    This is not something to be told. 6-7 hours of sleep per day will make your days fresh and efficient as you are likely to feel energetic.

  9. Positiveness-

    Don’t let the positiveness in and around fade away. Be clear about your problems and see the sweet side of things.

  10.  Adjust-

    You cannot get everything in life. Learn to adjust with situations and enjoy what you have in hand instead of trying to fit everything on the same plate, same day.

  11. Indifference-

    we all are surrounded with things which cannot be changed. People, places and rains are just examples. Instead of getting yourself mad over these things, isn’t it better to think about something that can be altered?

  12. Learn-

    When you make mistakes, try fixing them and learning from them instead of crying over the spilt milk.

  13.  Share –

    There are people who care for you. You can at least think of one such person with whom you can share your problems. Maybe you just need a listener instead of an advisor!

  14. Professional help-

    If your family itself depresses you, psychiatrists and counselors are always great alternatives. Expert advice can always help you.

  15. Forgive-

    if a quarrel/brawl/argument is the only cause of your stress, simply forgive others mistakes because no one can entirely avoid mistakes.

  16. Walk-

    personally, whenever I am stressed out or angry, I keep walking until all my anger fades away. It’s free and easy on your health. A good solution in all, yeah?

  17. Write, read and talk –

    Talk to yourself, write your problems, pros and cons on paper. Once, they are on paper, they won’t trouble you. If that’s not all, read a fictional novel and forget the real world altogether for some time.

  18. Music and movies-

    Music is known to heal your wounds. Listen to soothing music or watch a pleasant comedy just for fun!

  19. Cook-

    Cook something for yourself. Try out new recipes from the internet or go for your favorite dishes.

  20. Exercise-

    A marvelous way to discharge all your anger, exercise is something that can literally kill stress. Won’t you feel great after smashing the punching bag, imagining it to be your problem?

  21. Nature and pets-

    Pets give you unconditional love and expect nothing in return. Who cannot love such beings back? They can make you forget everything else if you play with them. If you don’t have pets, just sit calmly in the lap of Mother Nature.

  22. Relax-

    Sometimes sitting idle works wonders for you. Just stop your thought process, be blank and lie down peacefully without doing any work. It will calm your life down.

  23. Socialize-

    In this era of social networking, learn to connect and bond with new and old people. Talk to them and create a good support system for yourself.

  24. Loud-

    Be loud, be mad, cry out and listen to hard rock. let your emotions flow out with the tears and the harsh voice.

  25. Enjoy-

    Take out time for yourself in your routine. Play musical instruments, dance or go out with friends. You are the king of your joy!

  26. Laugh-

    Watch out for fun around you, there is sure to be some. Visit a friend whose sense of humor amuses you or just be the joker yourself.

  27. Diet-

    Make sure you get your daily dose of nutrients. Skipping meals is the worst idea you’ve ever had. It just worsens your condition to fight tough times.

  28. Let go-

    Leave your bad habits and think about your family. Let go of all bad company.

  29. No to caffeine-

    even if a dose of caffeine makes you energetic and keeps you up temporarily, it climaxes into fatigue and mood swings. So avoid it as much as you can.

  30. Stay away-

    Tobacco and alcohol are always no-no! And that’s not it, drugs and medicines are even worse. They slowly attack your mind, break your moral down and finally lead to bankruptcy. You may find them as short-lived solutions to stress but trust me, it’s a bad idea.

Help yourselves because it’s your life and you want to make it better!