Cocktail is a drink which is prepared by mixing various alcohols in an appropriate quantity. This does not mean that you need to mix many alcohols together to get your cocktail, it can also be prepared by just mixing one alcoholic ingredient.  Today we have so many different varieties of cocktails and Long Island Ice Tea is one of them. It has the reputation of being a mild, refreshing drink which feels like ice tea and gives you a much desired relief. This is the reason Long Island Ice Tea is one of the world’s most preferred cocktails. Go to any part of the world and you will find people loving and talking about this wonderful drink. It is prepared by mixing gin, vodka, rum and tequila. Yes, you have all these in one single drink. Isn’t incredible?


One of the most popular version of the Long Island Ice Tea which is high in demand is the one in which there is an equal proportion of the gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec and rum mixed with the one and a half parts of the sour and some cola to give it a color of ice tea. Long Island Ice Tea is then served on the rocks or poured over the glass containing ice. In other variants the sour mixed can be replaced with the other available options such as the lemon juice and the cola can be replaced by the actual ice tea. Even if this drink has the name of the Long Island Ice Tea, it generally does not contain any tea in most of its variants.


According to the International Bartenders Association, Long Island Ice Tea is one of the contemporary classics drinks that is widely loved and appreciated. One of the basic advantages with the Long Island Ice Tea is that we can make it stronger when required by just increasing the concentration of the alcohol in it. A normal Long Island Ice Tea has 22 percent of alcohol concentration in it. Some of the people love to have it with a high level of alcohol concentration in it. It helps them to relax and attain a much desired pleasure. Some people like to go for the extra-long version of this drink which has even more percentage of the alcohol in it. Whatever variant of this ultimate drink you choose it is surely going to sooth you with its ultimate taste and fine aroma.


If you want to prepare it on your own you will have to get the following ingredients. 1.5 cl each of vodka, tequila, triples sec, rum and gin. 3.0 cl of gomme syrup, 2.5 cl of lemon juice and the cola to give it the much desired ice tea color. Just add all the above mentioned ingredients in a highball which should be perfectly filled with the ice. Stir it gently and then decorate it according to your wish. And now your drink is ready to get served. Add a straw and get the taste of this wonderful cocktail which will surely help you to get rid of the worries and will helps you in relaxing.


There is a conflict so as to how this drink came into existence and who actually coined the termed Long Island Ice Tea. The major conflict is between the claims made by person named as the Robert Rosebud Butt and an Old Man Bishop who was from Tennessee. According to the claims made by Robert Rosebud Butt, he is the person who gave the world the so called ‘Long Island Ice Tea’. In the year 1972, one day while working as a bar tender at the Oak Beach Inn resort located in Long Island, New York he tried to make a new sparkling drink that includes the triple sec and came out with the recipe of this drink and named it as Long Island Ice Tea. Many people say in support of Robert Rosebud Butt that yes he is the person because of whom we have such a refreshing alcoholic drink today.


This is one story. Another section of society believes that the Long Island Ice Tea was first prepared long back in the 1920s by the famous ‘Old Man Bishop’ was lived in Long Island community located in the Kingsport, Tennessee. It was the year of probation. After he made this drink for the first time, his son Ransom Bishop made some changes to the drink with the maple syrup and the whiskey to give it a much relishing taste. For years now we had the debate of where the Long Island Ice Tea was first prepared. Is it Tennessee or is it New York? This question is still unanswered but one thing is for sure, who so ever invented it, did a wonderful job. The name Long Island Ice Tea can be found mentioned in the literatures that were written in the year 1961 and so people believe that the later mentioned story is more appropriate.