Having lived 30 km from Alibaug, the glorious Arabian sea became like a second home. A feeling shared by many of the co-habitat of the region, I became fiercely possessive and proud of MY beach. With passing time the focus shifted from building sand castles to the serenity of the place . Lately i realized the serenity has as much to do with the food there as it is with the mildly threatening and soothing sound of the sea. The fact is I have lived away from my house for past 6 years and thinking of the beach is not about the lullaby of the waves, it is more about the heavenly food one has there.

It starts from the journey. We are travelling in direction of Alibaug from Mumbai. we start some 30 odd km before Alibaug. Now every one who has that curious bend of mind ( for food ) and does his research for the journey will know that there is a small shamble of a shack on the route to beach.  Its halfway through our journey and what you get here is amazing drink called a s Ice cream soda. The soda -pub ( they do not like this tag) have much more to offer, the ice cream soda is widely popular. The place is legacy, with 3 generation of families enjoying same ambiance and surprisingly same server. the Pineapple juice is exquisite and is a part of the journey. the soda is sure to put a kick in your step and energize you fr the tour. The shack has been steady business through the recession period and is highly popular.


Next we travel to the beach itself and here is the mighty sea which calls you out for a dip You can walk and play . Wade through the sea and go explore the beach which is right into the beach. All this will work up a mighty appetite and the highly unhealthy and highly delicious food right  outside is like a soldiers welcome back feast.

Here is the list of all the food one can have. Please appreciate the fact that you are soaking wet at this point and have that happy and hungry look. Now dig in.


Pani Puri

Those who live around a beach will know and agree that the beach is the one place where pani-puri tastes just right. It may be the air or the ‘feel’ but when the crisp puris mix with the spicy and sweet-sour juice and the added mixture of chick-pea meet the salty air of ocean the amazement of it is unbeatable. he hands of the maker works magic for they serve faster that you can eat and thus begins the race which ends with you giving up. But the end is surely delicious.  Entire family crowds around the server to wait their chance for the delicious treat. The sukhi-puri in the end is a sigh of the expert of the preparation.

Other Chaat.


From ragda pattice to bhel to sev puri the whole scene is one which literally defines the beach. One has to enjoy all this when one gets a chance to visit the place. The spice mixes with sweet to create a different experience.



It may seem weird but the beaches of Alibaug are known for their delicious dosa preparation. the line for this particular dish is long and tedious but the treat at the end of it is surely worth it. the tangy taste and the pipping hot dosas mix with the cold feet, courtesy of  the wet water, makes for a smiling effect.



Coconut Water.


A must have for the beach goers. Period.



This seems like a stroke of genius for when one has a dip in the sea the tummy demands comfort food and what else other than a pipping bowl of Maggie right on the beach. Alibaug gives you this chance. Go nuts.

Chinese Shanty

For chicken lovers, the food list has to have something and beach seems to be a beautiful place to dig into that tandoori. Here you have delicious little hotel which gets you what you want and lot more. the taste has a distinct Konkani touch and the taste is apt for the place.

Gola (snow cones)


The Kala Khatta is the trade mark of Alibaug beach and is a perfect way to end your beach experience. The sweet and savory taste will baffle your taste buds and leave you asking for a lot lot more. It is no compulsion to have this version alone for the choices are abundant. Play with it and create a tradition your kids would love you for.

Alibaug has much more to offer form the famous mayur bakery to many hotels like Flora, foodies sure get their delight here . the sea foods baskets are a special treat.