People generally have a lot of nutrition myths in their knowledge and they follow it as they have heard it from somewhere and consider it as a true fact. But today science and technology has progressed a lot. We no longer live in the world where facts cannot be verified. The scientific studies have proved that the following mentioned myths are baseless and people should ignore them completely. So here we go.


You should eat less salt so as to prevent the heart attacks: Yes you may have heard this myth from a lot of people advising you to eat less salt as in helps in preventing the heart attacks. While this has been proved that eating less salt reduces the blood pressure of the human body to a very slight level, there has not been any link established between the heart attacks and the salt consumptions. If you are suffering from hypertension then salt intake should be restricted to prescribed limit. So don’t go for the boring and tasteless food. Eat as such as salt you feel like. time-eating

Having several small meals is more beneficial for health: people often argue that that those who eat several small meals in a day are more active as their metabolism rate is higher than the people who eat at the fixed timings. This is again a myth and it is not correct. The activeness of the human body depends upon the calories that are burnt throughout the day. So if you are having 6-7 small meals or going for the regular 3 meals, the effects will be same. Eating very often can also increase the abdominal fats which is very harmful.


You should go for foods which have high carbohydrates and low fats: Now this is one such myth which is extremely popular. You must have often heard people saying that one should eat food items which have high carbohydrates and low fats, as in this way you can prevent the body from any sort of disease and stay healthy. Further they also help in losing weight and prevent the risk of cancer. This is completely baseless. There has been several studies conducted on this myth but none has been able to give results which can support this claim. egg-yolk

Avoid eating yolks in eggs as they have high cholesterol and causes heart disease: I mean seriously you believe this myth. Yolk has the tremendous source of essential vitamins and minerals which the body requires for proper functioning. It has a high amount of good cholesterols which are essential for the human beings and clearly it does not cause the heart attacks. If you are diabetic then surely you should not eat eggs. But if you are healthy then you must eat eggs as they are among the most nutritious foods that we have. So who so ever tells you to stop eating yolk or eggs, ask them to read about the benefits of eating eggs and get their facts corrected. coffee-shops-stockholm

Avoid coffee as it is unhealthy: You must have been advised by your loved ones that you should not drink coffee too much as it contains  caffeine which is not only dangerous for the health but also gets you addicted towards it. But the latest studies conducted have yielded different results. According to them, coffee offers several health benefits and so you should drink it more often. It is a wonderful source of the antioxidants and helps people in getting rid of the depression and diabetes.


Say no to high protein diets: Most of the people believe that diets which are high in proteins such as the chickens and meats causes the extra strain on the kidneys and make it prone to the diseases. Result of which can lead to the kidney failure.  But this is not at all true. The protein intake is completely safe for the people who are healthy and only those people who have kidney diseases should stop themselves from eating protein rich foods. Proteins act as a wonderful agent which suppresses the appetite and helps in the weight loss process.


Avoid full fat dairy products: you must have seen people opting for the toned milk instead of the full cream milk. It is because they believe that fully fat dairy products have a high amount of the calories and saturated fats present in them which results in the increase of obesity and the risk of the heart disease. But none of studies conducted so far have not been able to prove these myths as a true fact. The dairy products are preferred as they have high amount of fat in them and so if you choose to go for the less fat products then it is surely a bad idea. sugar

Sugar is not harmful for the human body: We use sugars in several drinks and food items daily without paying attention towards the amount of sugar that we are consuming. Excess sugar consumption has several health disadvantages. You should check the consumption of sugar as it provides the empty calories which are not good for the healthy body. Not only it can cause you obesity, diabetes but it also affects the metabolic reactions going inside the human body.