“What the people of the world want most and have always wanted is bread and peace.”
– Patricia Young, UN General Assembly

Food is an integral part of festivities, marriage and just any other function. It’s the food and only the food that gets talked about. It is said people when fed to satisfaction shower blessings and utter auspicious words.

We the fortunate ones get to eat and waste all we want. Who would now console that mother who lost her son because of malnutrition? Who would comfort the pregnant mother who found out she and the kid are anemic and is unable to do a thing? Who would tell the little Ravi his share of milk can’t be afforded? These people need answers. Give it to them before it is too late.
They say life is precious and rarest amongst all the creations of god. India today faces highest number of infant deaths because of malnutrition. But no one seems to care.

They say we are on par with other western countries in terms of technology and education, but are we human enough to see the uglier and attention needed part of this country? That part of the society that doesn’t need the branded jeans you have. That part of the society that doesn’t need your BMW. That part of the society that doesn’t need your riches. That part of the society that only wants enough food to survive and enough water to quench it’s thirst. The  laws they say fix the amount of wage, but did they forget to rise it amidst the inflation? They conveniently did so. They have salaries that could feed a family of 30, why would they care?


A nation is only as rich as its citizens. If a toddler is deprived of his required meal, which I am sure wouldn’t cost more than a meal at any fancy restaurant I wonder where we are headed. The nation housing world’s top B-school does nothing when it loses a child to malnutrition. The nation that rewards the cricket players with huge chunk of money for bringing home the world cup does nothing for the anemic children. The country that is tagged to be under-developing will remain so if it continues to ignore. The nation known for it’s rich culture is unable to feed it’s own people. The nation which is known for it’s Gandhi and it’s Ambani has just lost it’s  son somewhere. The nation known to be humane has turned ruthless.

It is estimated that 7000 people die in a day in India because of hunger. It is such irony to find a rich man run to digest his meals and his poor counterpart run to earn his meal. The meal which god alone knows would land in his hand or that of the cruel landlord. His plight and his cries are just down in his rags.


It is such a shame to see the so-called heads show nepotism in the ration sold at a lower price for the people below poverty line. It is trenchant how there is compulsory education and no help for people who can’t afford 2 meals a day. The turmoils of society are often to the women of the family.By being a wife she house the responsibility of feeding the family. What would she cook if there are no grains? All she can do is see hunger in the eyes of her kids and have  a knife digging her heart each time she looks at their eyes.  It is conventional to see the men get bottles of rum around the newspapers when their little one needs a packet of milk. Don’t blame the drunkard man. He buys liquor because it is easily available and cheaper than the vegetables and rice his family would have fed on. This has to change, and it will ONLY change when people make effort.

The world is in a mad race. Everyone runs. They have no time to pause and look around. To help those in need. To enjoy the simple pleasures of giving. To see the happiness of that kid you just gave your chocolate to. To just buy a packet of milk to that kid that hasn’t seen it’s meal in 3 days. But again who would care? It’s not their kid anyway. Society measures you in the Villa you buy, the car you drive, the clothes you wear and not in the smiles you spread or the life you changed.


Well you don’t worry. Go to a pizzeria. Order your favorite pizza and don’t you forget extra cheese! Eat till your heart and stomach is loaded . Go to that fancy buffet you always dreamed of and eat all you want. Oh, do waste food because you can afford to and don’t have to lose a life to malnutrition.