Mayonnaise is the  velvety thick sauce used in almost all fast foods like sandwiches, burgers and also in salad dressings is loved by all.  This is one of the essential part of Italian cuisine. In all places, mayonnaise is understood as a highly processed kind of sauce and hence people think it cannot be prepared at home. But they are wrong, mayonnaise can be easily prepared at home, the basic ingredients required for preparing mayonnaise at home are egg yolk, vinegar or lemon juice, oil and some flavoring agents. The oil used in mayonnaise differ from place to place, it may be olive oil, mustard oil, etc. Egg free mayonnaise can also be prepared for the people who are affected by eggs or who do not like eggs. Rather the home produced mayonnaise is scrumptious, appealing and healthy. Mayonnaise differs in color, various colors of mayonnaise found are white, pale yellow, cream, etc. Once a person learns to prepare mayonnaise, then preparing mayonnaise on a daily basis is not a big deal.



Mayonnaise which is basically an emulsion of egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar and oil. The emulsion is an assortment of two different fluids, which can’t be blended uniformly. The process of emulsification is preformed by gradually adding one constituent to the other and mixing the two simultaneously. In can of preparing mayonnaise, the egg yolk acts as an emulsifier. Liquidizers, mixers, blenders and food processors enable us to prepare mayonnaise at home easily. The only concern with homemade mayonnaise is, it is raw and hence will last four to five days only when kept in refrigerator. On the other hand the marketable mayonnaise can last up to five-six months when kept in refrigerator. This thick sauce is often used as a base for preparing other kinds of sauces like tartar sauce, salsa sauce and salad dressing sauces.



Preparing mayonnaise at home requires the basic ingredients and other equipments used for mixing, blending, forks. The process for preparation of mayonnaise at home is given here. So enjoy home made mayonnaise with your family.

Method 1: White Wine Vinegar Mayonnaise


  • Egg Yolk- 3
  • White Vinegar (Wine Flavored)– Two Tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice- Two Tablespoon
  • Water- Two Tablespoon
  • Vegetable Oil- One and a half Cup
  • Salt- One Teaspoon



1). Break the eggs, and take the egg yolk in a mixing bowl.

2). Add some water, vinegar and lemon juice to the egg yolk.

3). Heat the muddle for around 1 minute, this step is optional. When heated the mayonnaise can last little longer, but the raw mayonnaise can be stored for just four-five days.

4). After heating, switch off the oven and allow the blend to cool down to room temperature.

5).  Add some salt, pepper and mustard according the taste required.

6). Blend the constituents properly by using the whisk or electronic hand mixers or blenders.

7). Slowly but surely add the oil of your choice (you can go for peanut, mustard, olive, corn or grape seed oil), teaspoon by teaspoon initially. For the blending purpose you can use the whisk or electronic hand mixers. In both the cases you need to be careful while blending, because the mixture should be blended properly when oil and the remaining ingredients gets mixed.


8). Add the oil drop by drop until it attains the perfect gel like thickness. For proper blended mayonnaise preparation around one cup of oil is required for egg yolk obtained from one egg. After the blending process allow the mayonnaise to settle, and later after some time make sure that the mayonnaise has not broken.

9).  Store and use the prepared mayonnaise in the refrigerator for around four to five days.



Method 2: Tarragon Vinegar Mayonnaise


  • The recipe is for preparing around one and three by four cup of mayonnaise.
  • Ingredients:
  • Egg Yolk and room temperature- Three
  • Salt According to Taste- About half teaspoon
  • Pinch of Dry Mustard
  • Tarragon Vinegar- About half teaspoon
  • Olive Oil at Room Temperature- One and a half Cup



1). Break the eggs and take the egg yolk in a mixing container or bowl.

2). Add required amount of salt and mustard and blend the mixture.

3). Put the olive oil slowly, bit by bit and stir the mixture continuously. While blending oil to the mixture, formulate that each drop of oil has been appropriately absorbed. After this add the next drops one by one.Once the mixture starts thickening, you can add the oil in a thin stream, but make sure that the stream of oil blends properly in the egg yolk.


4).  After adding around two third of the oil, the tarragon vinegar should be added bit by bit and blended properly. Another way of adding this tarragon vinegar is to mix it along with the remaining oil. Blend the vinegar properly with the mixture.

5). If the remaining is oil is not mixed along with the vinegar, then mix the remaining oil after blending the vinegar in the mixture prepared in step three. The oil should be added drop by drop and stirred continuously.

6). After completing the whole blending process, the prepared mixture (that is mayonnaise) should be poured in the appropriate container, covered and kept to refrigerate.