The attention is the outer expression of the soul. Most of the time our attention is drawn outside to the world through the senses. If we can withdraw our attention from the world outside and our body for a while and focus it at a point, known as the seat of the soul, we will find the inner light. The seat of  the soul is located between and behind the two eyebrows. This point has been called by  different names such as the third eye, the single eye, the shiv netra, the tenth door, the sixth chakra, the ajna chakra, or the mount of transfiguration.

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By concentrating our attention, the sensory currents that make us aware of sensation in our body withdraw. When these sensory currents are concentrated at the seat of the soul, we find light within.

For this meditation process, we do not worry about our breathing or doing any difficult asanas or postures, or exercises. We do not touch the motor currents as they do in some yoga. The motor currents are those responsible for the automatic or involuntary processes in the body such as breathing, circulation, the heartbeat, and the growth of hair and nails. Instead, we withdraw the sensory currents. We do not worry about the breathing exercises. We let the breath go on naturally as we do when we perform the other functions of the life.

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To practice meditation, we sit in a pose most convenient in which we can remain still the longest. We close our eyes, and focus our attention on the field of darkness lying in front of us. By concentrating, the sensory currents withdraw to the third eye or single eye. When concentrated there, we find light. By absorption into the inner light, we transcend body consciousness and enter the inner realms beyond.


Once we pick a pose, we should close our eyes gently and concentrate on seeing what lies in front of us. There should be no pressure on the eyes. Our eyes should be as relaxed as they are when we go to sleep. Since these physical eyes are not those by which we see the inner realms, there is no need to turn our eyeballs upwards in the hope of seeing something there. We should not concentrate on our forehead, instead keep our eyeballs horizontal, as if looking straight ahead.

If the eyeballs look or turn upward, we may feel a little pressure on the forehead, which may result in two problems. We may get a headache or we may generate heat in that area and our forehead will become hot. That will create problem for us, which will cause us to move, get up, do something to cool ourselves down. That will interrupt our meditation. So we should focus our attention few inches in front of us.

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When we close our eyes, we may first see darkness. That which sees the darkness is our inner eye. With the inner eye, gaze lovingly, sweetly, and penetrate deep into whatever is in front. We should be relaxed, but attentive as if watching a movie screen and waiting for the movie to begin. This is a process in which we do not worry about the world outside or what is going on in the body below. We are only trying to invert so as to reach the worlds within.

In our body, we have our soul and our mind. The mind is a powerful entity whose main aim is to keep the soul in the body so that it does not reach the inner realms. The mind will try to entangle our attention in the physical world. It will do its best to prevent us from rising above this physical body and returning to god. We need to realize that soul is our real self- the part of us that is of the same essence as that of god. Unfortunately, we have been separated from God. If we can realize that our soul is covered by the mind and the body, and understand that the mind’s role is to keep us from knowing our soul, we will be better able to still our mind.

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For perfect concentration, we have to reach a state of no thoughts. If we have any thoughts, whether good or bad, they are all bad as far as meditation is concerned. Thoughts are like chains. The iron chains are our bad thoughts, but even if the good thoughts are the gold chains, they are still chains. Thus, good thoughts are still distractions and will not help us in meditation.

There is a vistas of sight inside. We should be totally focused on what is before us. As we meditate more and progress, we will see inner vistas such as inner stars, moon and sun. As we gaze attentively into the middle of whatever we see, the power of God will guide us beyond the physical into the higher planes.