The world is a projection of our consciousness. The only way we can change the perspective of the people around us is by changing the way we look at the world. That simply means to bring about some change in our consciousness. Everything around is a mirror, a mirror that reflects all that you do or think. In every situation, every relationship, you would find reflections of your own self and doings. Each one of us has a world of his own, though all those private spaces of ours are entangled in each other to create a greater whole, a unified consensual reality. There is nothing too complex about this mirror theory though. The mirrors that exist all around us transform us socially and ultimately result in the formation of the being that we are today. We love some people and we hate some. But we love the ones who reflect the same energies as we do and we do not like the ones who possess the traits that we repel.

There is a simple exercise that will help you know yourself in a better way and you may understand the reflections the mirrors around you create each day. Think of a person whom you find really admirable and attractive. On a sheet of paper, think about the traits that they possess which you absolutely love and write them down. Now when you go through the sheet, you will realize that you have the same traits too. It’s just that you don’t believe in yourself. Stand up and manifest those traits in your life. You too can reflect all that they have in them.

Now, on the same sheet of paper, write down about the person you are emotionally detached to. Read through the traits. You contain them too, but it’s just that those negative traits aren’t that obvious in you. But they may be obvious before the ones, who spend more time with you, like your family. So when do these negative facets in your personality come to the surface? It happens when you are STRESSED! Stress becomes the villain here and people get to see the demons hiding within you during times of pressure. By getting to know ourselves and augmenting the qualities of those we admire in our own lives, we take a step further towards our spiritual awakening. When we recognise that the characteristics that repel us from others lie within us too, then a power is diffused that overshadows those traits which hold us in a state of denial. By doing this, we finally accept the wholeness that is contained within us and the compassion helps us create a different relationship with our own self and the ones we love.

Once you accept that you possess all kinds of traits, be it negative or positive, you may realize that the same holds true for others too. We are all angels and demons together manifested into a single human form. And as the mirror theory goes, when we cannot judge ourselves, we cannot even judge others. The world that we live in is a manifestation of our consciousness, a projection with all kinds of positive and negative qualities. So, when we focus on transforming our world by changing our perspectives, it changes our experiences and so our relationships with people change too.

Being self-righteous is alright at times, but feeling personally offended or letting your ego take over your sanity can be problematic. Even if you strongly disagree with people’s opinions and do not like what they do or say, you must not hold any grudges against them as individuals. Because, according to the mirror theory, it will all reflect back to you. Agree to disagree humbly and politely.

To learn to reflect and receive positive energies is a slow process, but be patient, and with time it will bring ease, love, comfort and spontaneity to every aspect of your life. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Understand that this spiritual change would take time, but when it happens, it will be worth all the hard work that you put into it.

What is really important is while this entire change is taking shape within you; keep in mind those people who are deeply attached to you. Again when you begin to write all the good and the bad things about these people, you will know that it’s the emotional charge that associates you with all of them. Had it not been the emotions, nobody could have acted as a mirror for you or vice versa.  Now mix up all these sheets of paper and put them in a circle. The circle represents the ‘whole’ which is YOU! Yes, you! You are a reflection of all that is around you. Wow, isn’t the theory so interesting?  Indeed it is.

This entire theory is to let us know how each one of us are a part of the other and it’s the unique WHOLE that is more important than the special ONE! Its love and compassion that binds us together and hatred and envy breaks us into unimaginable, singular, helpless beings. Just be an amazing human being and see how all the amazing mirrors reflect your beauty.